Glo Weekend and Night Plan 3gb For #500

Glo Night and Weekend Plan 3gb For #500

Globacom Nigeria has introduced yet another data bundle plan which can be used for browsing on weekends. The good thing about the plan is that it can also be used to browse on days that are not weekends.

The weekend plan from glo costs #500 (Five hundred Naira) and comes with a data allowance of 3gb.

The weekend plan from globacom Nigeria comes with a data allowance of 3gb and works for 7days,12am to 5am on weekdays (Monday-Friday) and for 24hours on weekends (Saturday 12am to 11:59pm).

Glo data plan

Now let’s break it down to an understandable format. The glo weekend plan comes with 3gb data allowance, ordinarily and as the name implies can only be used during the weekends but glo in their magnanimity decides to make it also work on days that are not weekends but can only be used between the hours of 12am to 5am. The only condition is that the 3gb data allowance has not being exhausted.

Breaking it down further here is how it works, if Mr A subscribes for the Night plan on a Monday he can use it to browse from Monday to Friday between the hours of 12am to 5am. On weekend, Saturday and Sunday he can use it to browse for 24hours so long as he did not exhaust the allotted 3gb.

In another scenario, if Mr B subscribes for the said glo weekend data bundle on Saturday, he can use it to browse on Saturday and Sunday for 24hours and on Monday to Friday of the following week between the hours of 12am to 5am.

The glo weekend plan taken the other way round works for 7days from the day of subscription.

The weekend plan from Glo can be used on any data enable device, android devices, iphones, tablets, laptops etc.

The globacom weekend plan does not support data roll over. All unused data expires at the expiration of 7days.

Code For Glo Weekend Plan Subscription

Make sure you have up to #500 airtime on the glo line to be used to subscribe for the Glo weekend plan.

Dial *127*61#

Immediately the code is dialed, a notification shows indicating if the subscription was successful or not.

Alternatively you can dial *777# and follow the prompt displayed.

glo weekend plan

Glo also have a similar plan which works at night times. The plan costs #200 and works between the hours of 12am-5am daily and can only be used for one night. The plan comes with 1GB data allowance.

The code to subscribe for the 1 day glo nite data plan is; *127*60#


Send 60 as sms to 127


Dial *777# and follow the prompt displayed.

USSD Code To check Data bundle balance on Globacom Nigeria.

To check data bundle balance on any Glo line Dial *127#

Considering your browsing lifestyle and pocket you can determine if this data bundle from glo is ideal for you.


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