Airtel Cheap And Affordable SME Data Bundle Plan

Airtel Cheap And Affordable Data Bundle Plan

You can now get cheap and affordable airtel data bundle plan through our SME data share service. Yet to know what SME data share service is, it is a service where you can buy cheap and affordable data bundle plans from third parties. It works same way like the regular airtime transfer/share service.

In simple terms, individuals buy data bundle plan in large volume and sell it to end users at affordable rates.

You can check HERE for all you need to know about SME data share service.

airtel sme data share bundle plan

Considering how costly it is to get data directly from mobile network operators, SME data bundle share service is the way to go as you can get smaller data bundle plans at affordable prices.

Below are the data bundle plans on offer:




















 5GB  4600

Code to check data bundle balance received through our Data resell service;

To check the data bundle balance use this code *123*57#


The validity of all data bundle plans received from us is 30days.

How To Pay For Data Bundle Plan

To buy any of the data bundle(s) above we accept airtime recharge PIN, airtime transfer and bank payment. Bank payments and airtime transfers attract an extra charge of #100.

Send the Airtime recharge PIN to 08056370712 or 08144548946 for airtime recharge PIN.

Bank payments/Cash transfers, call any of the numbers above to get the airtel number/bank where the airtime/cash would be paid/transferred to.

Please pay attention here to avoid delays in data sending. If you are sending Airtime PIN to us, send the Airtel number which you would like to use to browse together with the airtime PIN.

If you are to transfer airtime or Pay/transfer cash, after the transfer send the details of the transfer to 08056370712 or 08144548946 together with the airtel number you would like to use for browsing.

How Long Does It Take For Data To Be Sent?

After payment or transfer of airtime, data is sent within 5minutes. Also bear in mind that data is sent manual and may take beyond 5 minutes depending on issues beyond our control like network signal strength etc but at most 30 minutes.

Supported Devices

All data bundle plans we send can be used on all data enabled devices, computers, laptops, mobile phones (iphones, android phones, window phones), tablets, BB10 devices etc.


If there is anything you do not understand or have any questions, you can make use of the comment box below or call any of these numbers 08056370712 and 08144548946.

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