MTN Nigeria Airtime Transfer (Share n sell)

MTN Nigeria Airtime Transfer (Share n sell)

MTN Nigeria supports the transfer of airtime from one MTN line to another through a service known as share n sell. Through MTN share n sell an MTN user can transfer the airtime on his/her MTN line to friends, colleagues, employees, employers etc so long as the person makes use of an MTN line.

Every MTN user has the chance to make use of share n sell by default but the person has to create a PIN (password) to prevent unauthorized transfer of airtime. By default, every MTN line comes with the PIN 0000. Before any MTN line could be used for share n sell the PIN needs to be changed.

MTN Nigeria Airtime Transfer (Share n sell)

Change Default MTN Share n Sell PIN
To change the MTN share n sell default PIN to a more personalized one, all the MTN user needs to do is dial *601*OldPin*Newpin*NewPin#

The “old Pin” above is the default 0000 while the new pin is the PIN the MTN user wants to be using for airtime transfers.

The format above could also be used to change from an existing PIN to something new or different. In this instance, the old pin won’t be 0000 but the old pin the person has been transferring airtime with.

For example, if Mr. Obi wants to start using MTN share n sell for the first time, by default his MTN share n sell PIN is 0000 and if he wants to change the PIN to 1234, the share n sell PIN is usually four digit and does not exceed or go below it, his USSD code for the change of the default PIN will look like this *601*0000*1234*1234#

In a situation where Mr. Obi no longer wants to use 1234 as his PIN and wants to change the PIN to 2016 the USSD code for the change will look like this *601*1234*2016*2016#

I need to add this about the share n sell PIN. The MTN share n sell PIN should be guarded as someone who knows your PIN can easily transfer airtime from your line without your consent.
You should also try as much as possible to always remember your share n sell PIN because if you forget the PIN though you can retrieve it by calling MTN customer care on 180 from any MTN line, to be honest with you, getting through to them can be one kind of an herculean task and if you don’t have the correct details about your MTN SIM registration then forget it you will need to pass another hurdle convincing them that you are the original owner of the MTN SIM. So it is very much advised that you always remember your MTN share n sell PIN.

Methods To Transfer Airtime To Another MTN Number Using Share n Sell

MTN airtime transfer through share n sell can be done through two ways; USSD format and SMS format.


For any MTN line to transfer airtime to another MTN line the sender using the USSD format he/she needs to dial the following USSD code;

*600*MTN Number*Amount*PIN#

For example, if Miss Joy wants to transfer 500 to the MTN number 080312345678 and her airtime transfer (share n sell) PIN is 1234. The USSD code format for the transfer will look something like this *600*080312345678*500*1234#

If the airtime transfer goes successfully an SMS from MTN with the number 777 with notify the sender of the transfer. In a case where the transfer fails MTN will also notify the sender telling him/her the reason for the failure.


Alternatively, an MTN subscriber can transfer/share airtime using the SMS format. The SMS format entails composing an SMS in the format below and sending it to 777.

Compose an SMS in this format and send it to 777;
Transfer MTN Number Amount PIN

Once the SMS is sent, a reply comes from MTN through 777 notifying the sender of the amount to be sent and also asking for a confirmation before it would be sent. All the sender needs to do is reply the SMS with YES for the transfer to be done and replying with CANCEL for the transfer to be stopped.

For example, if Mr. Wale wants to use the SMS format to transfer #1,000 to the MTN number 08060123456 and his share n sell PIN is 4190 the message will look like this; Transfer 08060123456 1000 4190

The message would be sent to 777. MTN replies asking Mr. Wale to confirm if he wants to send #1,000 to 08060123456 by replying with YES to complete the transfer or reply with CANCEL to stop the transfer of the airtime.

On the successful completion of the transfer process using any of the formats above (USSD or SMS), MTN will send a notification to the sender for the airtime that was transferred.

Finally, on MTN share and sell the least amount of airtime a subscriber is allowed to transfer is #50 and a maximum of #5,000 in a single transfer. The daily transfer limit is #10,000.

Don’t be stingy with your MTN airtime, go ahead and share it with your friends, colleagues, partner etc and as you share do not forget to share this post using the social media buttons (facebook, twitter, G+) on this site so your friends will also know how to share airtime and may possibly share/transfer their MTN airtime to you.



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