Glo Me2u Easy Share Transfer Airtime To Other Glo Users

Glo Me2U Easy share is a smooth and flexible service from globacom Nigeria through which a glo user can transfer or share airtime with friends, family members, colleagues, business associates etc who are also on the globacom network.

How To Transfer Or Share Glo Airtime Using Glo Me2U Easy Share

To share or transfer airtime using the glo me2u easy share service, you need to follow the correct USSD format.

The format is this, Dial *131*Receiver’s phone number*Amount*PIN#

The receiver’s phone number is the glo number of the person receiving the airtime. It must be a glo number.

For the PIN, every glo line comes with a default PIN which is 00000 (five zeros). You can make airtime transfers or share airtime with the default PIN. The PIN could be changed if you wish to.

For example, Mr premiumvpntunnel, a glo mobile subscriber has #1,000 worth of airtime on his line and wants to transfer #500 to his friend BMG101 whose glo number is 08056789101.
The transfer format will take this form; *131*08056789101*500*0000#

Next, a message notifying the sender of the transfer is sent urging him to press 1 to accept and 2 to cancel. The sender replies with 1 to accept the transfer process or 2 to cancel it.

On the successful completion of the airtime transfer process a notification is sent to both the sender and the receiver of the airtime.

Glo me2u easyshare airtime

How To Change/Modify GLO Me2U Easy Share PIN

Glo me2u easy share comes with 00000 as the default PIN and it is advisable to change the PIN because every Glo user making use of easy share knows that the default PIN is 00000 and may transfer your airtime without your consent.
People can have unrestricted access to your airtime when they know that you make use of the default PIN.

To change the Glo me2u easy share PIN, follow this format; Dial *132*OLD PIN*NEW PIN*NEW PIN#
If you have not used glo me2u easy share before and you are changing the PIN for the first time, the old PIN to make use of is 00000 but if you have been using the glo me2u easy share service or have changed the PIN before and want to modify the PIN, your old PIN should be the PIN you have been using to make airtime transfers. That is, the last PIN you used for before effecting the PIN change.
For example, if Mr Premiumvpntunnel wants to change his default PIN (00000) to 24680, he will dial *132*00000*24680*24680#

If however, Mr Premiumvpntunnel no longer wants to use the PIN 24680 and wants to change or modify his PIN to 12345, the format will now look this way *132*24680*12345*12345#

Once the USSD code to change the transfer PIN is dialed, a notification comes up requesting you to reply with 1 to confirm and accept the PIN change process or reply with 2 to cancel the process. You reply with the appropriate number to either modify the PIN or cancel the process.

In a situation where you cannot remember your Glo me2u easy share PIN when you want to make airtime transfers, you can call Globacom customer care on 121 and they will help you reset you PIN but that would be after answering and providing enough details to prove that the line belongs to you. To avoid such, it is advisable to always use a PIN you can easily remember or write and keep the PIN in a safe place.

Keep sharing your glo airtime using the glo me2u easy share service. There is love in sharing….

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