Etisalat Night Data Bundle Plan 250MB for #50 and 1GB for #200

Etisalat subscribers can now enjoy cheap nighttime browsing between the hours of 12:00am and 5:00am. The data available on offer on the Etisalat night time browsing plan is 250MB for #50 and 1GB for #200.

The etisalat night bundle plan, that of 250MB for #50 is available to only subscribers on the new easycliq prepaid plan. To migrate to etisalat easycliq prepaid plan and enjoy 250MB for #50 night browsing, dial *244*1# but if you have a newly registered etisalat line which has not yet being activated, once you put it inside a phone dial 200, when it connects press 2.

If on the other hand you already have an etisalat sim which you have been using before now but you don’t know if it is already on easycliq dial *244*3# to check.

To subscribe to Etisalat 250mb for #50 night bundle plan simply dial *229*10*10#

Subscription and browsing is available within the hours of 12:00am and 5:00am and there is no data rollover as every unused data expires after 5:00am. But you can always subscribe over and over again when you finish the allotted 250MB before 5:00am.

That of 1GB for #200 is available to all etisalat subscribers and does not require the subscriber being on any special prepaid plan. You can subscribe and enjoy it no matter the prepaid plan you are on.

To subscribe to etisalat 1GB for #200 night bundle plan, simply dial *229*3*11#

This plan is also valid between the hours of 12:00am to 5:00am.

The 1GB for #200 night bundle plan also does not support data rollover and can be subscribed to over and over again in a single night.

To check the allotted data and data usage on any of the night bundle plan at any point in time within the duration of your subscription, dial *228#

Etisalat Nigeria have at least joined the league of other Nigerian mobile network operators in rolling out cheap night time browsing but in my personal humble opinion theirs and that of Globacom Nigeria is by far the most ridiculous.

1GB for #200 when MTN Nigeria give subscribers on the MTN pulse prepaid plan 500MB for #25. Airtel Nigeria also give subscribers on smart trybe prepaid plan 500MB for #25 for Night browsing plan.

You may consider etisalat night time plan because browsing speed is usually better at night because there is no network congestion and also if you are busy during the daytime or you have large files you want to download but do not want to make use of your monthly data bundle plan. You may have other reasons why you may want to give etisalat night plan a shot.

Considering the size of your pocket and what you plan to achieve you can either go for the 250MB for #50 night data bundle plan available on the new easycliq prepaid plan or 1GB for #200 night bundle plan, the choice is solely yours to make.

You might also try the night bundle plans from other Nigerian mobile networks then compare and contrast in terms of network service delivery speed and price. Maybe etisalat would be justified and vindicated for their high price and low data allotment. But if you are a loyal etisalat subscriber or have etisalat as the network with the best network reception in your area then you can go ahead and enjoy your etisalat night time data bundle plan.


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