Airtel Night Data Bundle Plan 500MB For #25 On Smart Trybe

Airtel Nigeria under the smart trybe 2.0 prepaid plan offers night browsing plan where subscribers are entitled to 500MB for #25 from the hours of 12:00Am to 5:00Am.

The 500mb for #25 night browsing is strictly available to Airtel subscribers on the smart trybe prepaid plan. Other subscribers on other prepaid plans that want to enjoy the night need to migrate to smart trybe prepaid plan.

Everything about the smart trybe 2.0 can be accessed through the USSD code *312# (migration, subscription and other benefits)


To migrate to Airtel smart trybe prepaid plan dial *312# and reply with 1.

Migration to Airtel smart trybe is free so long as you have not migrated to any other Airtel prepaid plan within a 30 day period (one month).


To subscribe to the Airtel Night plan dial *312#

Reply with 3 (Trybe Night Browsing)

It might interest you to know that Airtel under their trybe night browsing has two packages, 500MB for #25 and 1.5GB for #200. Since our interest lies in the 500MB for #25, when the trybe night browsing option is displayed reply with 1. If however you want to go the way of 1.5gb for #200 then reply with 2.

All things being equal a notification is received on a successful subscription to the Airtel trybe night browsing.

Some of the important points to note about Airtel smart trybe night browsing are;

It can only work within the hours of 12:00AM to 5:00AM.

Each Airtel sim is entitled to only one subscription per night.

Data rollover is supported. Any data left unused till 5:00AM can be used the night after till the very time the subscription was made.

Auto renewal is not supported. The plan is available only when the subscriber subscribes.

Airtel night browsing data bundle plan expires exactly 24hours from the time it was subscribed. You cannot subscribe again even if you have exhausted the allotted data. For example, if you subscribe by 1:00am in a particular night and exhaust the allotted 500MB by 3:00AM, you cannot subscribe again till exactly 1:00am the following night. The good thing is that if you fail to exhaust the allotted 500MB till 5:00AM you can make use of the remaining data the following night starting from 12:00AM but not exceeding the exact time the subscription was made.

Since the trybe night plan comes as an added advantage to the Airtel smart trybe 2.0 let’s look at some of the other benefits of smart trybe 2.0

Call rates charged at 11kobo/secs.

First 50secs are charged at 20kobo/secs while from 51 seconds all calls to all local networks are charged11kobo/secs.

Calls to UK, US, China, Canada and India charged at 20kobo/secs.

1gb for #500 with 7days validity.

Free 15mb weekly. First recharge of #100 gets you a bonus of 5mb. Second recharge of #100 within the same week gets you a bonus of 10mb.

Tyrbe Weekend customers enjoy 250 MB as well as 30 minutes free call to Airtel numbers.

Those are the other benefits of smart trybe prepaid plan alongside the night browsing. It is now left for you to enjoy the ones you find appealing and discard the one you don’t fancy.

Best of all, the night browsing which gives you 500MB for #25 is the main thing as you download those heavy files, videos, movie series,update your phone apps and software. It doesn’t get cheaper than this.

MTN Nigeria has similar plan which they call happy hour night browsing available to MTN Pulse subscribers. You can check it out, try both of them and draw the verdict on which is better.


If there is anything you don’t understand about airtel night data bundle plan please kindly use the comment box below to ask and you will get the answer.

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