Airtel Airtime Transfer Airtel Me2U

Airtel Nigeria has a service through which subscribers on the network can share/transfer airtime and the service is Airtel Me2U. Airtel me2u offers airtel subscribers the platform to share and transfer airtime on their sims to another airtel line (sim).

To transfer airtel airtime using the airtel me2u service here is the procedure;

Airtel me2u comes with a default transfer PIN which is 1234 and must be changed to something more personal before a customer would be able to make airtime transfers.

To change the default airtel me2u transfer PIN here is the format;

Dial *432#, reply with 3 (PIN CHANGE), enter the default PIN which in this case is 1234, reply with the NEW PIN.

Another method to go about it is through SMS. Send an SMS in this format to 432. PIN Old PIN New PIN. For example, if Mr Premiumvpntunnel wants to change his default PIN to 4321 his SMS format will look this way. PIN 1234 4321 which would be sent to 432.

1234 is the default airtel me2u PIN which every new airtel SIM and any airtel Sim that has never used the Me2u service have as the default PIN. The 4321 is the new PIN which Mr premiumvpntunnel wants to change to. There is no hard and fast rule that you must change to 4321 as you are allowed to change to any 4-four digit PIN of your choice.

While composing the SMS, there should be space (gap) between PIN, your default PIN and the New PIN.

Using the format above, You can always change your PIN anytime you feel like or whenever you think that your PIN has been compromised but in a situation like that, you need to replace the default PIN with the last PIN you used for the me2u service as against using 1234. In the example above, 4321 will now be used to in the provision meant for DEFAULT PIN because it is the PIN that was used to change the DEFAULT PIN.

After changing the default PIN to any PIN of your choice you are now qualified to use the airtel me2u airtime transfer service.

In cases where you can no longer remember your me2u PIN you can always call airtel customer care line on 112 and they will assist you in retrieving or resetting your PIN but that would be after you have proven to be the original owner of the line.


To transfer airtime dial *432#, reply with 1(Airtel to Airtel Transfer) and carefully follow the prompt to complete the transfer process.

Alternatively, compose an SMS in this format 2U Airtel Phone Number Amount PIN and send it to 432

In the format above;

2U is the airtel Me2U code

Airtel Phone Number is the airtel number of the beneficiary (airtel number receiving the airtime).

Amount is the airtime value you want to transfer.

PIN is the Me2u transfer PIN

I need to remind you that there must be space(gap) between 2U, airtel phone number, amount and PIN.

For example, Mr premiumvpntunnel whose airtel me2u PIN is 2020 wants to transfer #500 airtime value to 08023456789. The SMS format will look exactly like this 2U 08023456789 500 2020

Mr Premiumvpntunnel will send the SMS to 432.

All airtime transfers on airtel me2u attract a transfer fee of #10. #10 is deducted from your existing airtime no matter the amount of airtime you are transferring.

The minimum airtime value you can share/transfer using airtel me2u service is #50. You cannot share or transfer any amount below #50.

The maximum airtime amount you can share in a single transfer session is #1,500. You cannot share more that #1,500 at a go or in a single transfer but you can in batches but not exceeding the #4,500 daily transfer limit.

There is a daily transfer limit of 4,500. You cannot transfer more than #4,500 in a day.

Transfers cannot be more than 3 in a day.

Finally, it is strongly advised to always cross check the number you are transferring the airtime to before you send to avoid mistakes because, once airtime has been transferred it cannot be reversed.

The door has been opened before you to become generous and share your airtel airtime with your friends, brothers, sisters, colleagues and even your enemies, if you have any, on the airtel network using airtel me2u.

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