Globacom Cheap Data Bundle Plan 3.2GB for #1000

Globacom Nigeria unarguably has the cheapest data bundle plan at the moment in the country, no wonder they go by the nickname “Grandmasters Of Data”. Globacom data bundle plans are very cheap and affordable unlike data bundle plans from other network operators in the country.

Globacom Nigeria has different pocket friendly data bundle plans but the most popular of them all is the 3.2GB monthly data bundle plan (1.6GB data bundle + 1.6GB bonus data) which goes for #1,000 (one thousand Naira).

Globacom offers 100% bonus data on all their data bundle plans for new customers subscribing to any data bundle plan and for old customers, they have to renew the data plan before the validity expires or have within 3 days grace period to renew. In a situation where the subscriber fails to renew the data bundle plan within the 3 days grace period he/she will no longer be able to get the 100% bonus data.

To make sure that subscribers continue to enjoy 100% data bonus, glo data bundle plans come with auto-renewal feature. With auto-renewal, you are automatically resubscribed to the same data bundle plan when you exhaust it or it expires and you have enough airtime to effect the subscription.

The #1,000 data plan ordinarily comes with 1.6GB. As a new subscriber you get extra 1.6GB as bonus making it 3.2GB. If you have up to #1,000 airtime when you exhaust the allotted 3.2GB data, you will automatically be subscribed again and you will receive 3.2GB again. If you don’t have up to #1,000 airtime but can recharge up to it within 3 days, which is the grace period, you will still be entitled to 3.2GB. But if you fail to renew within the 3day period, you will still be automatically resubscribed though once you have up to #1,000 airtime but you won’t get the bonus data, you will only receive just 1.6GB.

The globacom 3.2GB data bundle plan which goes for #1,000 can be used on all data enabled devices without restriction.


The glo 3.2GB monthly data bundle plan which goes for #1,000 was formerly known as Always micro.

To subscribe to globacom #1,000 (3.2GB) data bundle plan, text 53 to 127 or dial this USSD code *127*53#

The plan comes with 30days validity.


To check glo data bundle balance;

Dial *127*0# or

Send info to 127


To stop your glo data bundle plan from auto renewal, Send CANCEL to 127


Glo also offers a service called data sharing through which you can share your data bundle with other glo users.

Assuming the always micro (3.2GB) data bundle plan is too much for you or you want to be generous with data or have two devices but don’t want to subscribe separately for them, you can share the data with your friends/family members on glo network.

To share your glo data go through glo self help portal and add the glo number(s) you want to share your data with.

Alternatively, you can make use of the following USSD code;

To add any glo number, dial *127*01*Glo no#

To remove any glo number, dial *127*02*Glo no#

To List/Check the numbers you are sharing data with dial *127*00#

You are allowed to share data with only 3 glo numbers.

Globacom Nigeria has data bundle plan for everyone on matter the size of your pocket. The always micro data bundle plan is the cheapest monthly data bundle plan they have on offer. If you need smaller data bundle plan you can get their #500 data plan (Big Week) which gives 1.6GB (800MB data + 800MB 100% data bonus) for #500 but has a validity of 7 days.

To subscribe to globacom #500 data bundle plan, dial *127*57# or send 57 to 127

If you are a huge data user whose data needs go beyond 3.2GB monthly, you may consider any of their other cheap data bundle plans.

My Phone (#2,000) data bundle plan, 7.5GB (3.75GB data + 3.75GB 100% data bonus) for #2,000 with 30 days validity. To subscribe dial *127*55# or send 55 to 127

So Special (#2,500) data bundle plan, 10GB (5GB data + 5GB 100% data bonus) for #2,500 with 30days validity. To subscribe dial *127*58# or send 58 to 127.

If your data need goes above or below what you can see on this page, you need to check for other globacom data bundle plan.

Globacom is not answering Grand masters of data for fun. They are truly living up to it as they have the best, cheapest and most affordable data bundle plan.


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