Etisalat Easycliq Prepaid Plan

Etisalat easycliq is one of the prepaid plans available on etisalat Nigeria network. Etisalat easycliq prepaid plan comes with lots of benefits packed into it ranging from cheaper call rates to bonus data bundle.

Let us explore, dissect and review the new etisalat easy cliq prepaid plan, the benefits, migration code and everything you need to know about the new 9mobile easycliq prepaid plan.

Here is an overview of the benefits available on etisalat easycliq prepaid plan.

15mb free weekly data bundle with 7days validity on the usage of #200.

10MMS weekly sent to only etisalat numbers.

1mb free daily data bundle for cliq-4-D-Day subscribers.

Free midnight calls to etisalat numbers.

Bonus on incoming calls for every 5 minutes call received.

150% bonus on every recharge made, available to all new easy cliq customers.

Unlimited SMS.

Receivers pay for call function.

Reduced call rate of 20kobo/secs.


To migrate to easycliq, dial *244*1#

For a newly registered etisalat line, dial 200 and when it connects press 2.

Migration to easycliq for old etisalat subscribers is free but attracts a fee of #100 if you have migrated to another etisalat prepaid plan within a period of 30days.


Call rates on etisalat easycliq prepaid plan are as follows;

On-net calls (etisalat to etisalat) are charged at 40k/secs

Off-net calls (etisalat to other local networks) are charged at the same 40kobo per second.

Free midnight calls to etisalat numbers from the hours of 12:30am to 4:30am


Cliq-4-d-day is a package under easycliq which offers cheaper call rates but attracts a daily access fee.

On cliq-4-day subscribers get call rates for as low as 20kobo/secs to etisalat numbers.

Calls to five international destinations, U. S, UK landlines, China, Canada and India charged at 20k/secs.

1mb free data bundle.

Cliq-4-day attracts a daily access charge of #5.  Once the fee is charged the cliq-4-day call rates take effect but in a situation where the subscriber has below #5 and cannot pay for the access fee, calls are charged at the normal easy cliq rate.

The cliq-4-day access fee is charged automatically as long as the subscriber has up to #5 and does not matter if the subscriber makes call or not for the day.

To opt in to cliq-4-day, dial *330*1#

To opt out of cliq-4-day, dial *330*2#

To check if you are on cliq-4-day package, dial*330# or send HELP to 330.


Every week there is FREE 15mb data bundle available for every easycliq subscriber but only received by subscribers that spend up to #200 in the week.

If you make a single recharge of #200 or any other denomination above #200 in a week you get free 15mb.

On the other hand, if your first recharge for the week is #100, it qualifies you for free 5mb and another recharge of #100 within the same week qualifies you for free 10mb bringing the total free data bundle to 15mb.

The free 15mb is only issued once every week so if you recharge more you won’t get another free data after the first weekly 15mb.

Also on cliq-4-week you get free 10mms weekly which can be sent only from etisalat to etisalat numbers.

On cliq-4-week you get to make free midnight calls from 12:30am to 4:30am.

Cliq-4-week has no migration code but available to subscribers who meet the minimum recharge amount.

To check your free 15mb, dial*228#

To check the 10 free MMS, dial*232#


Easycliq subscribers who spend up to #25 in a day qualify as a cliqlite customer and as such get to enjoy huge discounted call rates.

Once an easycliq subscriber uses up to #25 his/her subsequent calls for the day are charged as follows;

20k/secs to other cliqlite customers (easycliq subscribers)

25k/secs to other etisalat numbers

30k/secs to other local mobile networks


SMS is charged at a flat rate of #4 per SMS for both on-net (etisalat) and off-net (other local mobile networks).

SMS to International destinations is charged at #15 per SMS.

Furthermore, on etisalat easycliq you get benefits like bonus on incoming calls, unlimited SMS, receiver’s pay function and one cliq tone.

Bonus on incoming calls:  For every five minutes call received from other networks you get 1free minute of free call which can be used to call any easycliq number.

Unlimited SMS: when you send one SMS you get one free SMS which you can send to any etisalat number. For every one SMS you pay for you get one free on-net SMS.

Receiver’s Pay function: you can have another etisalat number receiving your calls pay for the call. When you make the call, the receiver is notified and if the receiver accepts he/she would pay for the call. To make use of the receiver-pay-function, dial 268 followed immediately by the etisalat number. Example, 2680809xxxxxxxx

One click tone:  allows you to confirm if an etisalat line is on easycliq prepaid plan.  To make use of one click tone, dial  *273*etisalat no#

Coming this far you should have seen it yourself that etisalat easycliq prepaid plan packs enough benefits for subscribers which are better experienced than imagined.

Get in the groove and feel the etisalat easycliq effect.

If there is anything you don’t understand about etisalat easycliq prepaid plan, please kindly use the comment box below to ask.

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