Get MTN SME Data Bundle Plan With 90 Days Validity

You probably have seen MTN data resellers put out SME data bundle plans with 90 days validity and you might be wondering how possible it is get a 90 day validity on MTN SME data bundle plan. It is very much possible, very easy, and does not require any special thing as the MTN SME data bundle plan supports it but you can only achieve that if you know your way through it.

The main MTN data bundle plans come with 30 days validity though there are some that come with 90 days validity but they cannot be shared or be resold just like the MTN SME data bundle plan.

Ordinarily, MTN SME data bundle plans also come with 30 days validity and getting to the point of achieving 90 days validity has to do with validity extension and also reward for MTN SME Data share subscriber’s loyalty.

Here is a simple breakdown of how the whole thing works and how to get MTN SME data bundle plan with 90days validity;

MTN SME data bundle plans come in the following bundles, 10gb, 20gb and 30gb and each of them comes with 30days validity. Here is the simple trick,you can only share (sell) SME data to only 10 MTN numbers irrespective of the one you subscribed for, 10gb, 20gb or 30gb and as an MTN SME data reseller,if you have huge clients that exceed 10 and they ended up buying the 10gb on the same you subscribed for it. To still be in business and share(sell) MTN SME data to subscribers that need to buy data from you on that same day you need to re-subscribe as MTN SME data bundle supports that.

Each subscription you make before the end of an existing MTN SME data bundle subscription adds another 30days validity to the existing validity irrespective of the fact that you have exhausted the allotted data bundle before its expiration date.

To simplify it further for better understanding, if for instance you subscribed to 10gb of MTN SME data bundle plan today and you finish reselling it on that same day you bought it or tomorrow or any day before the 30 day validity expires and you subscribe again maybe tomorrow, a day after tomorrow or a week after as the case may be,you will get another 30days validity added to the first 30days validity that came with the first subscription you made earlier making it 60 days validity.

Now that you have 60 days validity, if you subscribe again after reselling the new SME data bundle plan before the expiration of the new 60 days validity and subscribe yet again. You will have another 30days validity added to the 60 days validity you already have making it altogether 90 days validity.

As you can see, it is that easy and simple to get 90days SME data bundle validity as there is no special magic to it. The more you keep subscribing to MTN SME data bundle plan the more validity you get up to the tune of 90days.

If you are new to MTN SME data reselling, the validity for your first subscription would be 30 days but if you can resell the SME data faster before the expiration of the 30 days validity and subscribe again you will get 60 days validity. If you share/sell the second subscription faster again and subscribe yet again before the expiration of the 60 days validity you will finally get 90 days validity.

The good thing about it is that all your customers through the 30 days validity to the 90 days validity will all have 90 days validity when you finally get up to 90 days validity as the validity of your customers take whatever validity you have.

If you want to start MTN SME data reselling business but yet to figure out how it works and how to make money from it Check here

Kindly use the comment box below to ask about anything you do not understand or for suggestions about getting 90days validity on MTN SME data share bundle.

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  1. I heard there is also an online method, where the sharing of the data to your clients is done online via an app.
    From your experience, which one is better, the offline or online method?
    (By offline method, i mean by sharing the data via sending msg to 131)

    1. MTN has no standalone app at the moment for SME data bundle which I know of.

      The offline method to me is the best as you can share data to your clients without worrying about internet connection.

  2. Someone sells mtn 4gb at 1k. And he said he uses an app. Is it real or scam. Pls research before replying

    1. It is practically impossible to sell MTN 4gb of data for 1k. If the person in question claims to be real then he should tell you the name of the app.

  3. Hello there , I am very much interested in All MTN data sharing. I have a few questions. 1. My sells 10gb at the rate of N550.00 soif I would make a profit, I can add N50 to sell at N600 per 1GB. And make a profit of N500. I have seen two website that sellsMTN data sharing for 1GB @N550.00 how were they able to sell like that, aren’t they running on loss or is there something special or hidden?

    1. They are not running at a loss but rather making use of a very smart business secret.

      They buy MTN airtime at very discounted rate below the face value of the airtime and use it to subscribe for the SME data bundle plan.

      There are people out there selling MTN airtime at a discount rate.

      Some MTN SME data resellers also accept payment through airtime for MTN SME data they resell at an extra fee. That way the extra covers the cost.
      I hope you now understand?

    1. Yes, one can make money from reselling MTN SME data bundle by buying the data in bulk and resell to small data end users.

  4. Can’t I make further purchase in order to increase my validity period without exhausting the one I bought previously.
    Also if I didn’t finish selling my data before the end of my validity period do I get the balance rolled over after the validity period?

    1. Yes you can make purchases to increase the validity without exhausting the current subscription.
      It is very much advised to finish selling a current data bundle plan before buying another because MTN data bundle plans do not support rollover.

  5. Mtn only allow 10 shares on each of their purchase sme bundles but how come someone is selling 250mb and 500mb

    1. The person in may be ignorant of the fact that MTN SME data bundle plan could be shared to only 10 MTN numbers per data bundle purchase.

      The person may also be selling a data bundle plan totally different from MTN SME data or making use of a business secret which no one knows.

  6. Please, i started the SME data share business on the 2nd of this month, my data is to expire 1st of june.someone bought 4gb from me today 4th, and her data too is to expire 1st of June. What do I do to rectify this problem cos I still have about 6gig to sell and if the validity is not up to a month at least, it will spoil business. If I buy a new data plan today, will my validity become 60days instead of 30? So I can use that to push d remaining 6gig too?. Thank you.

    1. Yes, when you buy another MTN SME data bundle plan the validity would be extended to 60 days. As your validity is extended to 60 days so also will be validity of your client be extended also.

  7. OK thank you. So I guess I should just go ahead and buy a new data plan already, though this one hasn’t finish, but I need to extend the validity to 60days. So I will add another 10gig now to achieve that. But sorry, those that already bought from this current one, will their validity be extended to 60days too?

    1. Those that buy data from you, both old and new, will have whatever validity you have.
      If you buy another MTN SME data bundle plan and extend your own validity to 60 days, all your customers both old and new will have the same 60 days validity. The same applies when you also extend to 90 days validity.

  8. good evening, if eventually the validity on a particular sim becomes 90days, will it remain for ever or i can change it if i want to?

    1. When the validity gets to 90 days it does not “stay forever” but active for 90 days only.

      90 days is the highest validity you can get and by “changing” I don’t know if you mean for more validity or less.

  9. At what rate can I sell in other to make profit from it? Let’s say I start with 10gb at what rate will I sell 1gb ?

    And can I share a 2gb or higher data from a 10gb subscription?

    1. The general price for 1GB of MTN SME data bundle plan is #600.
      The price is for customers paying cash while you can add a little
      for customers paying through airtime.
      You may decide to sell above the general price as this is business where there is no hard and fast rule. You call the shots

      Yes, you can share 2GB or more from a 10gb subscription.

  10. Morning.
    What of if u didn’t finish the 10gb before subscribing for another. Will validity extends?

  11. A great work you’re doing here. More grease to your elbow.

    Please, how do I share data to more than 10 people?

    1. There is no way you can share MTN SME data to more than 10 MTN numbers.

      That is the way MTN SME data is structured.

      Each SME data bundle subscription can only be shared among 10 MTN numbers.

  12. If I purchase 10gb twice a day with d intention to achieve 60days validity period. Will I be entitled to 20 shares? That is 10 for d first and 10shares for d second

    1. Yes for sure.

      Each SME data bundle plan you subscribe to has a share limit of 10.

      You get 10 SME data share slots for any SME data bundle plan you subscribe to.

  13. Thanks so much for ur explanations, pls I want to start reselling data, pls how much can I sell 1gb, 2gb, 3 or 4gb. Tnks

    1. You can sell any amount you wish to but must be reasonable enough to allow you a competitive advantage.

      Better still spy on other MTN SME data resellers and from their prices you can fix your own price.

  14. Pls i want to start the business but i have some questions : for instance, if I buy the data on 26 June and i didn’t sell anything till on 23rd July, I sell 2gb out of the 10gb to a customer. If I decide to buy extra data to top up the remaining 8gb, when will the customers 👆 data expire? Is on 26 August, or 23 of August? Also i saw an app, with which you can sell data as low as #545 for 1gb, to last for 90 days, it is it a scam?

    1. The current validity period of your MTN SME data bundle is what your customer will have irrespective of the time you sent the data to the customer.
      In the case you cited,the customer’s validity period would be the current validity you have after subscribing to a new MTN SME data bundle plan.

      It may or may not be a scam. It is very much possible to get such price and validity for 1gb of MTN SME data bundle plan but is very rare.
      You need to verify the authenticity and credibility of the seller yourself as I don’t know the person behind it neither can I vouch for him.

  15. If The data is not finish at the end of the 30 days, will mtn activate the previous data when you subscribe for new one?

    1. MTN SME data bundle plan does not support data rollover. Whatever data that is left expires at the end of the validity period.

      If however,you subscribe again before the end of the validity period,you will have the validity period extended and also the old data would be added to the new subscription.

    1. The prices of MTN SME data bundle plans for data resellers are as follows;
      10gb is #5,500
      20gb is #11,000
      50gb is #25,000

      The validity period for each of them is 30 days but could be extended when you subscribe again before the expiration of the current validity period.

      You can use any MTN sim but the tariff plan must be MTN SME PLUS SERVICE CLASS prepaid plan.
      To migrate any MTN sim to SME plus servive class prepaid plan Send 460 to 131 or dial *460#

  16. The 10 SME data share;does it mean in a month I can only share it wit jst 10 different phone numbers?
    Secondly,if I share thrice to a particular number,how many count will dat be

    1. Any MTN SME data bundle plan you subscribe to has a maximum share limit of 10 MTN numbers. You may exhaust the limit within a day,week or month but you cannot go beyond the share limit.

      The limit for any MTN SME data bundle plan subscription is 10 and counts for both same and other MTN numbers

    1. MTN SME data bundle plan is strictly for subscribers on MTN network.

      You also cannot share the MTN SME data bundle plan which you received with other MTN subscribers.

    1. You can only share MTN SME data bundle when you buy in bulk as a reseller.
      If you buy data from an MTN SME data reseller as an end user you cannot share data with anyone.

  17. I bought 50G and some merchant said I can share it for 25 times how far its true

    1. You can share any MTN SME data bundle plan to a 10 MTN numbers maximum.

      If one can share 50GB MTN SME data bundle plan to 25 MTN numbers I do not know. Maybe the merchants that told you it is possible should as well show you how to do it.

  18. You response n education on dis topic is outstanding. Weldon.
    My enquiry is ….if i subscribe for a 10g twice 2× in a day..will i get exactly 60days validity that day?

    1. Yes, you will get 60days validity when you subscribe twice to 10GB of MTN SME Data Bundle Plan in the same day.

  19. I’m highly excited with your lesson on this MTN SME Weldon. What if i subscribe three times and earn 90 days validity and subscribe again before the end of the validity period will it go back to 30 day. As *460# is to migrate, what are the codes to purchase, share/sell and check balance. Thanks

    1. “What if i subscribe three times and earn 90 days validity and subscribe again before the end of the validity period will it go back to 30 day”? No it will not go back to 30 days.

      “As *460# is to migrate, what are the codes to purchase, share/sell and check balance”?

      Kindly refer to this post for a detailed information on every thing you need about MTN SME data share

  20. What if after getting up to the 90 days Validity I repurchase a bundle, what will the validity period be? Still 90days or it goes back to 30 days & the cycle begins again?

  21. Dear Customer, your transfer of MTN SME Data Share_1G failed because you do not have an active SME Plan.

    That was the message I got when I tried selling data. What could be the cause?

    1. Then check if you really have an active MTN SME Data Bundle Plan. If you do, is the balance up to 1GB?

  22. Can you subscribe to MTN SME and decide to be the end user because you have project to use it for. Will you be given the additional 30 days validity if you subscribe another 10GB before the first one expire.

    1. Yes you can subscribe to MTN SME data bundle plan and also browse with the MTN SIM.

      Yes you will get additional 30 days validity if you subscribe again before the expiration of your current validity period.

    1. To maintain the 90 days simply top-up to make sure your data expiration does not go below a 30 day period.
      In simple terms, always make sure you have an active MTN SME data bundle plan whenever you finish selling
      whatever SME data bundle plan you buy.

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