VIDEO UPLOAD PROFIT Make $100-$500 Monthly Uploading Videos Online (Frequently Asked Questions)

VIDEO UPLOAD PROFIT Make $100-$500 Monthly Uploading Videos Online (Frequently Asked Questions)

What exactly is video upload profit Blueprint?

Video upload profit blueprint is an easy, simple and stress-free income system which you can use to profit $100-$500+ monthly uploading videos which do not belong to you online.

Who is the creator of this Video Upload Profit Blueprint?

This master plan course is created by Olujimi Metilelu and his partner Gbola Ajayi. Now, if you don’t know Olujimi Metilelu you may probably be living in the cave. He is the owner of the infamous a site filled with information on Internet money making strategies he has learned, tried and mastered. When you go through the site and you still ain’t convinced about his wealth of experience and expertise then use Google to search for him and his works which are there to speak for him.

Gbola Ajayi, I don’t know much about him but from the little I know,he is a great achiever and practice what he preaches.

What about you, what is the connection here? Me,my name is Ezinwa Anayo, let me not blow my very own trumpet out of proportion let Google help you find out more about me (GIYF). I am an affiliate to this course and help to promote the video upload profit course and when you buy the course the original owners of the course Olujimi Metilelu and Gbola Ajayi pay me a commission.

Since you are an affiliate to the course won’t your commission affect the price and other logistics?

Rest assured,you have nothing to worry about as my commission does not affect anything. The price is fixed and he pays me a part of what you pay. So buying from him directly does not change anything but you miss out of the SPECIAL BONUSES I have lined up for those that get the video Upload Profit Blueprint through me.

Why then should I Buy through you instead of Olujimi Metilelu and Gbola Ajayi?

Look moto, the goal is to get this product out there to as many people as possible to help liberate them from financial mess and also have have a side income stream to help cushion the effect of the financial hard times in the country. Like I earlier said, I have SPECIAL BONUSES to also help you achieve success quicker online as a way to appreciate you for buying through me and also a way of contributing my own quota to nation building.

Do I need to create those videos?

No, the videos you download and upload to make money will not be created by you. But if you think you have the time and what it takes to create the kind of videos required, why not, you can go ahead and create your own videos.

Won’t I be infringing on copyright terms of the videos I upload?

The videos you upload to make money does not come with copyright. They are day to day videos you share on Facebook,Twitter and other social media circles. If you do not infringe on copyright sharing them on social media, why will it be copyright infringement when you share such videos to make money online.

Can I profit from this system if I don’t know how to download and upload videos online?

The video profit upload course is very easy and simple to implement. If you can follow simple instructions,post, share pictures and videos on Facebook then you can as well do this. Videos, pictures and posts you make on Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc do not profit you. They do not make you a DIME but when you follow the Video Upload Profit Blueprint Master-Plan you simply turn the time you idle away on social media to making $2-$5 and above daily doing so.

Where can I get videos to upload?

The video upload profit blueprint shows you where to get such videos in minutes. Let me serve you a teaser, those same short video clips you share on Facebook,Instagram,Twitter etc they are the same videos. Even if you don’t know where to get such videos the video profit upload course will show you where to get those videos in a breeze.

Downloading and Uploading videos online could be data consuming,I don’t have enough money to spend on data?

Yes,I know that hence,I have included a bonus that shows you how to get up to 1GB data for just #50.

What format is the video upload profit course? Video Upload Profit Blueprint is a 3-part video course which is highly informative delivered in a NO Holds Barred format which a completely newbie to the Internet can use and start profiting immediately.

What then are the SPECIAL BONUSES you have to offer those that buy the video Profit through you?

Do not be in a hurry, just read to the very end and you will find out what the bonuses are and sure you will love them.

Can I use my Android Phone to this as I do not have a laptop at the moment?

Yes, for sure you can use your Android phone to do this but I must confess, it is better done with laptop to allow for easy maneuver. If you are good with your Android phone and can find your way around it then good and fine use your phone.

How much work is required daily to make this work?

The daily amount of time required depends on how good you are with downloading and uploading videos but if you are new to this and follow the simple master plan laid out in the video upload profit course, 20 minutes top you are through with the daily requirements and you can go ahead and do other things you have for the day.

Must I work daily to achieve results?

Truth be told you start profiting right from the very first day you take action and implement the concept in the video upload profit.

The sweet thing is that this system follows the passive income route as videos you upload make you money even on days you get so lazy and fail to upload videos. But the more videos you have the greater your chances of making it big using the video upload profit blueprint.

What exactly is the name of the site where the videos are uploaded?

Don’t be in a hurry,the video Upload Profit Blueprint answers that in clear terms. It is not Facebook neither is it twitter nor Instagram. Get the video upload profit blueprint and you will have the answer to this question.

Will this profit system get saturated?

Yes, that is bound to happen as is same with every online business method out there. There may also be changes in terms and conditions on the site you will be working with maybe due to abuse of the system. To be steps ahead,you need to get in as an early bird and profit massively from this income method before any of such happens if at all it will happen.

Is making $100-$500 and above a true statement? Yes,it is a very true statement. You can make that and maybe even above that as that is not in anyway one of those Internet marketing gimmicks and hypes.

No, you will not make that and you will not even make a DIME if you buy the course without doing any work.

Please,kindly do yourself a favor and avoid buying the course if you will not follow through with the simple step by step methods in the course. If can follow and implement Simple and easy baby step by step methods in the video upload profit course then you may even make more than $500 in a month, believe me. Also bear in mind,just like in everything,no two persons are the same,results are not typical as you can make more than $500 or less than $100 in a month. But if you work smart and follow simple instructions you are sure to be among those that make pass $500.

Are people really making money using the video upload profit course?

Proofs abound of real people making real money using this income system. You can check some of the earning screenshots and Gbola Ajayi video proof here.

make easy fast money online

make money online with videos

At least if you don’t trust pictures you will sure trust video. Download and watch Gbola Ajayi Login to his account and show his earnings

How do I cash out the money made using the video Upload profit course?

Payout is through PayPal and you cash out 2nd-6th Of every month. You receive your payment before the end of the month.

But I don’t have a PayPal account?

Yes, do not let that bother you as one of the special bonuses you get buying the course through me is a PDF REPORT that shows you “How to open, verify and operate a PayPal account which can SEND and RECEIVE funds without the hassles of VPN, changing browsers and so on.

But then, I still don’t want to have anything to do with PayPal?

Rest assured, you are covered on all fronts. There is a special arrangement for you to cash out without having a PayPal account.

Can anyone outside the shores of Nigeria buy and profit from this income method?

YES Friend, video Upload Profit Blueprint is a global business system but was created to help Nigerians profit from it. If you are from any country of the world you can also Profit from the video Upload Profit Blueprint as you can profit from it from any part of the world.

How do I get the video Upload Profit Blueprint since I am not in Nigeria?

Simple, to get the course please contact us for a favorable and flexible payment option.

Can I still do other business alongside the video upload profit income blueprint?

Yes, video Upload Profit Blueprint system is so easy that it takes 20minutes or less to complete your daily task(s)and still take home the profits.

How much is the Video Upload Profit Blueprint? The price for the Video Upload Profit Blueprint course is #9,999 (Nine thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Naira Only).

For a one time payment of #9,999 you get an UNLIMITED access to the Video Upload Profit Blueprint.

Isn’t #9,999 too much for the course?

Yes,#9,999 is too much but then, this is pure content in a video format not some PDF. If you think #9,999 is too much to pay for a course that will show you how to make $100-$500 or even more in a month doing literally nothing but downloading and uploading videos that you do not create yourself then think twice because, you may have spent more than that or will spend more than that on things that would not add a DIME to your financial “Piggy Bank” Buying the video Upload profit course today will be the best choice of investment you will make towards liberating yourself from financial mess or even adding more zeros to your current income of which you will be grateful to yourself for making such wise investment.

How do I make payment for The Video Upload Profit Blueprint?

Before you pay for The Video Upload Profit Blueprint call or send a whatsapp message to 08056370712 so as to get the payment details.

After payment send your name and email address to the phone number above

Please kindly go through the payment instruction once again as any step you miss will result in you not getting the video upload profit course and you will not even get a refund.

If you are not a Nigerian and want to pay for the video Upload profit course please contact us for flexible payment options.

How do I notify you after payment? Kindly send you payment details to 08056370712 as failing to do so will result in you not getting the course and even a refund.

Do I need to pay for any other thing after paying for the course?

You don’t need to pay for any other thing. Just your laptop connected to the Internet and you are good to go profiting from this system.

What do I get after paying for the course?

You get the links to 3-part videos and also a link to the support group on whatsapp where you meet like minds and rub minds on how to profit more from the system.

What does your bonus look like?

From my own end as an appreciation for buying the video upload profit blueprint through me as an affiliate, you get the following bonuses:

“How to Open,verify and Operate a Functional PayPal account that can send and receive funds” This method is nothing like anything you have seen anywhere before now as you make use of your Nigerian I.P, no need for VPN, changing of browsers. This method does not leave you susceptible to PayPal Red flag as you can provide any document(s) they require and lift your Limitation even if it happens at all. You also get access to foreign phone number linked to your PayPal account. Mind you, this has nothing to do with U.S PayPal account.

How to get 1GB of MTN or Airtel Data for #50 (Fifty Naira). Downloading and Uploading videos can be very data and cost consuming, accepted, I will show you cost effective way to get 1GB data of MTN or Airtel for #50.

4-in-1 biz maestro Four Internet related businesses that will surely give you gateway to 7 digit figures this year. Just one of it can make you Millions before easter.

15minutes of skype/whatsapp no holds barred uncut session where you ask me any Internet business related questions and I will do nothing but answer.

Considering just the cost of the bonuses,you will believe with me that you are just literally having a “steal”

Please kindly be informed, the bonuses above are not in anyway related to the video upload profit blueprint. They are my own very SPECIAL BONUSES to appreciate those that buy the video upload profit blueprint through me as an affiliate.

If you buy the course directly from Olujimi Metilelu or Gbola Ajayi, don’t dare come and ask me for bonuses because I owe you none.

Does the Video upload profit course come with MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?

YES,YES and YES, the video upload profit course comes with IRON CLAD 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Try the video Upload Profit Blueprint, implement all the steps, and if after 30days you fail to make money using the system, send us your account on the site and give us your login details and we shall refund you 100% of your money and you even get to keep the bonuses and the video upload profit course as a way of apologizing to you for wasting one month of your time.

Can I ask a question which is not captured here? Yes, kindly ask using the comment box below and we shall get back to you in record time.

Join the early bird today and lock down your spot at #9,999 before the price increases or before the course is pulled down so Olujimi Metilelu and Gbola Ajayi can be able to provide unalloyed support to those bold enough to take this offer earlier.

Cheers!! To Upload video profit dollars.

Ezinwa Anayo



    1. The site you upload the videos to generates its own traffic. You do not need to worry about traffic as the site provides all the traffic you will need.

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