Get Glo 4GB Data Bundle For #1,000

Globacom is about the only network in Nigeria that avails you the chance of getting 4Gb of data for #1,000. If there is one area where globacom Nigeria beats the other mobile network it is in the area of huge data offers at cheap prices. 4GB for #1,000 (one thousand naira) is one of such data bundle plan.

4GB for #1,000 is available on glo under the unfair advantage bonus data offer. Glo unfair advantage offers 150% data bonus on all glo data bundle plans.

There is a condition under which the glo unfair advantage data bonus applies. The condition is that you buy, register, activate a new glo line and subscribe to any data bundle plan. The condition for old customers is that they renew their existing data bundle plan before expiration or after expiration but within the 3 days grace period.

Ordinarily,glo #1,000 data bundle plan gives you 1.6GB data but when the condition for the unfair advantage bonus data applies you get a whooping 4GB data for the same amount of #1,000.

To get glo 4GB for #1,000 you need to meet any of the following conditions. You are a new glo customer, you already have a active glo data bundle subscription and you have an expired data bundle plan which has not exceeded the 3days grace period.

If you meet the conditions above,you are qualified to enjoy glo 4gb for #1,000 unfair advantage bonus data bundle plan.


To subscribe to Glo 4GB for #1,000 data bundle plan;

Send 53 to 127 or dial *127*53#

The validity is 30days.

If you do not qualify for glo 4GB data bundle for #1,000 you can only get 1.6GB for the same amount but rest assured there is a way to still get glo 4GB but for a price slightly above #1,000. For #1,025 you can still get glo 4GB data bundle.

The deal is, subscribe to the glo #25 data bundle plan first. When you do, you activate the glo 150% unfair advantage bonus data offer after which you can then subscribe to glo #1,000 data bundle plan.

This way, the #25 data bundle plan serves as the active data bundle plan which qualifies you to receive the 150% unfair advantage data bonus. When you subscribe to the #25 data bundle you are qualified to receive 4GB for #1,000. Go ahead and subscribe you will receive the 150% data bonus.

To subscribe to glo #25 data bundle plan send 32 to 127 or dial *127*32#.

The #25 data bundle plan comes with 10mb or 25mb on unfair advantage and has a validity of 1 day.

When you subscribe to any Glo data bundle it comes in batches. The main data amount comes first and once it is activated the 150% unfair advantage bonus is received.

How To Check Glo Data Bundle Balance

To check glo data bundle balance dial *127*0#

GLO Data Sharing

You can share your glo data bundle plan with other glo subscribers. To learn how to share glo data click here.

Other Glo Data Bundle Plans

Globacom has one of the best price to allotted data ratio in Nigeria. You can check out some of the cheap glo data bundle plans below.

#2,000 data bundle plan with 3.75GB main data or 9.5GB unfair advantage data. To subscribe send 55 to 127 or Dial *127*55#.

#2,500 data bundle plan with 5GB main data or 12.5GB unfair advantage data. To subscribe send 58 to 127 or Dial *127*58#

#3,000 6GB 15GB 54 #3,000 data bundle plan with 6GB normal data or 15GB unfair advantage data. To subscribe send 54 to 127 or Dial *127*54#

For more glo data bundle plans Click here

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