Glo Easy Share Transfer Glo Airtime

Glo easy share lets you share your airtime with your loved ones, colleagues, friends, associates etc also on the glo network.

The airtime to the shared or transferred to other glo customers in this instance must already be present on the line of the glo customer transferring the airtime. The glo easyshare process is very smooth, easy and follows a very simple process.


Glo easyshare does not require any special registration or configuration as all glo lines come pre-configured to use the glo easy share service.

To transfer airtime using glo easy share dial *131*Glo Phone Number of the recipient*Amount to be transferred*Password#.

For example, if your password is 67890 and you want to transfer #80 to a glo customer with Phone Number 08051234567, then you dial *131*08051234567*80*67890#.

You will receive anotification via text message once the transfer is completed.

The least amount of airtime you can transfer using glo easyshare is #50 while the maximum per transaction is #1,000. The total transaction per day is #5,000 and you can use glo easyshare 5 times per day.


Glo easyshare comes with a default PIN/password which is 00000.The default PIN(Password)is the same for all glo customers but customers are advised to change the default PIN to something personal to avoid unauthorized third party transfers.

Someone who has access to your phone may transfer your airtime without your permission when your PIN is still the default PIN because it is the same for everyone.

The default PIN which is 00000 could be used to make transfers but like I earlier said it is advisable to change it to something more personal.

To change the glo easy share default PIN/Password dial *132*Default PIN*New PIN*New PIN#.

For example, if you want to change the default PIN to 67890 then the USSD code will look like this *132*00000*67890*67890#.

When you dial the code, a notification comes up requesting you to reply with 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel.

Reply with 1 to continue the PIN change process or 2 to cancel the process.

The process above also applies anytime you want to your Glo easyshare PIN/password but this time around you replace the default PIN with your Old PIN (last used PIN).For example, if you want to change the old pin, 67890, to 23456, you dial *132*67890*23456*23456#

It is advisable to always make use of a PIN you can easily remember but hard for a third party to guess. If a third party can guess your PIN that means you have no PIN at all because they can transfer your airtime without your consent.

If on the other hand you made your PIN so hard that you forgot it, you can have glo customer care representatives help you reset it to the default PIN, but that would be after you have proven beyond reasonable doubt that the glo line belongs to you by answering some questions about the line. To avoid cases like this, keep your glo easyshare PIN easy to remember yet hard to guess.

It is also advisable to always cross check the glo number you are sending airtime to, because once airtime is transferred it cannot be reversed.

Glo easyshare does not attract any charges or require any special condition for now, though in future they may join the likes of MTN, airtel and 9mobile in requesting for airtime transfer charges or other special conditions. For now glo easy share is FREE.

What else do you want to read? Go sharing and transferring your glo airtime to your friends and colleagues using glo easyshare.

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