How To Cancel Glo Data Auto Renewal

Glo data bundle subscription comes with auto renewal feature. The auto renewal feature makes it possible for the current data bundle subscription to renew itself automatically when it exhausts and if there is enough airtime available to effect the renewal.

The advantage of Glo data auto renewal is that it avails one the opportunity of enjoying the bonus data bundle. Every Glo data bundle plan comes with a particular amount of bonus data.

The Glo bonus data reward is more like a deal between Glo and their customers. The deal goes this way, if you stay on the network and be consistent with subscribing to their data bundle plans you will always get the data bonus on any data bundle plan you subscribe to.

When the auto renewal feature is active, you do not need to worry if you get the bonus data or not as the data automatically renews itself without your consent so long as you have enough airtime at the moment of expiration to effect the renewal.

Every Glo data subscriber has 3 days to enjoy the bonus data after which there is no deal as the main data bundle value applies though auto renewal does not apply in this case as the auto renewal feature remains. By this I mean auto renewal continues to be active once you have subscribed to any data bundle plan even after the expiration of the 3 days bonus data period. If you fail to renew an expired data bundle after 3 days grace period you fail to get the data bonus when next you subscribe but the auto renewal feature still remains active. Even after one month or more, if you have airtime up to the amount of your long expired data bundle the auto renewal feature will automatically deduct the airtime and subscribe you to the data bundle plan.

You can avoid things like this happening and always be in control of your airtime, subscribing when you want to and when you don’t want to.

You can also deploy the Glo auto renewal feature when you want to stop your current data from auto renewal so you can go for a higher or lower data bundle plan when it expires.

How To Cancel Glo Data Auto Renewal Feature

To deactivate Glo data auto renewal feature all you need to do is send “Cancel” without the quotes to 127

Alternatively you can go through Glo HSI Portal. Go to and right by your right hand side you will see “CANCEL RENEW” click on it and the auto renewal feature will be automatically deactivated.

Personally, I find the HSI portal more effective as there are times when you use the SMS option and still have the auto renewal active even when you might have received a message notifying you that the auto renewal feature has been cancelled.

Glo auto renewal feature automatically comes active whenever you subscribe to any Glo data bundle plan and you need to cancel it whenever you subscribe to any Glo data bundle plan.

When you finally cancel Glo data auto renewal feature you should bear in mind the following;

You may not enjoy the glo data bonus when next you subscribe as you may forget to renew within the 3 days grace period.

You are automatically migrated to Glo Flexi Recharge at #1 per MB whenever your data bundle plan expires. Glo Flexi Recharge is a PAYG (Pay As You Go) data billing system and your airtime would be charged whenever you browse.

Whenever you decide to subscribe to any Glo data bundle plan in the future you will not be qualified for the data bonus.

Whatever the case, play smart about it so you don’t lose out on any benefit when you cancel the Glo auto renewal feature. The ball is now in court play it as you wish.

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