MTN Share And Sell and Airtime Transfer Charges

MTN share and sell (airtime transfer)is that service from MTN Nigeria which can be used to transfer airtime from a customers airtime balance to another MTN customers airtime account.

MTN share and sell service is available to all MTN customers by default both prepaid and postpaid but must be fully activated before it can be used. MTN airtime transfer service comes with a 4-digit default PIN which must be changed before the full features of the service can become active.


The default 4-digit share and sell PIN is 0000 and must be changed to something personal because airtime cannot be transferred using the default PIN.

The format used to change the default PIN is; DEAFULT PIN NEW PIN NEW PIN sent to 777.

The default PIN in the above format represents the default 4-digit PIN which in this case is 0000.

The NEW PIN represents the personal new PIN you want to become your PIN. The New PIN must be repeated so as to ascertain its accuracy.

There must be space between the default PIN and the New PIN(s).

For example, if Mr wants to change his default share and sell PIN to 1234. The SMS format should look this way 0000 1234 1234 which would be sent to 777.

There is also the USSD method for changing the default MTN share and sell PIN.

The USSD code format is *600*DEFAULT PIN*NEW PIN*NEW PIN#

For the USSD method there should be no spaces between the USSD code (600),default PIN and New PIN(s). For example, still using the case of Mr above,the USSD method will look this way; *600*0000*1234*1234#

Both methods above can also be used to change the share and sell PIN at any point in time. In cases like that, the old PIN will now have to replace the default PIN. For example,if Mr feels like changing his old PIN from 1234 to 7890. The SMS format will look like this OLD PIN NEW PIN NEW PIN (1234 7890 7890) sent to 777.

The USSD format will look like this *600*1234*7890*7890#


It is advisable to always remember your share and sell PIN, because it is usually very hard to get it back from MTN.

Before you can have your forgotten MTN share and sell PIN reset to the default PIN you must call MTN customer care line on 180 from any MTN line, preferably the MTN line you want to reset the share and sell PIN.

To retrieve or reset the forgotten share and sell PIN some personal questions about the MTN line must be answered.

Some of the questions are;

The date the MTN line was registered and activated?

The last amount of airtime recharged on the line?

About 5 mobile numbers you call frequently?

The prepaid tariff plan you are currently on?

Retrieving a forgotten share and sell PIN could be very tasking and tough, but if you can answer some of their questions to prove that you are the original owner of the MTN line you want to reset the PIN it would be done for you.

To save yourself the hassles attached with retrieving and resetting a share and sell PIN, it is advisable to always make your PIN simple for yourself but hard for a third-party to guess or better still write it down and store it in a safe place.


Once the default PIN has been changed to a personal PIN, share and sell is now fully active.

There are two methods that can be used to transfer airtime using MTN share and sell. The SMS method and USSD Code method.

SMS METHOD; The SMS method for sharing airtime follows this format. Compose SMS in this format Transfer MTN Number Amount PIN send to 777 For example, Mr wants to transfer #200 to this MTN number 08031234567 using his share and sell PIN which is 1234.

The SMS looks this way; Transfer 08031234567 200 1234 he will send the SMS to 777.

There should be space between transfer, the receivers MTN number,the amount to be transferred and PIN.

When an airtime transfer request is made using the SMS format there is a reply SMS which asks the sender to reply before the airtime transfer would be completed.

The reply SMS is “To make transfer reply with YES to 777″. If the sender fails to reply with YES within 5 minutes the airtime transfer would be canceled, while if the sender replies with YES the airtime transfer becomes successful.

USSD CODE FORMAT: To share airtime using the USSD code method dial *600*MTN number*Amount*PIN#

Using the example above, the USSD code format for Mr transferring #200 will look like this *600*08031234567*200*1234#

The USSD code method goes immediately without the request for confirmation.


MTN share and sell attracts a fee depending on the airtime amount transferred. The transfer fee is deducted together with the airtime transferred once there is a successful airtime transfer.

Below are the airtime transfer range and the applicable transfer charges.

S/NTransaction Amount (#) Applicable Transfer Fee (#)

Airtime transfers from #50- #100 attract a transfer charge of #3.

Airtime transfers from #101- #500 attract a transfer charge of #5.

Airtime transfers from #501- #1000 attract a transfer charge of #10.

Airtime transfers from #1001- #5000 attract a transfer charge of #10.

MTN customers using share and sell to share airtime cannot transfer kobos. Every transfer must be to the nearest naira amount. For example, a customer who has #87.75K airtime cannot transfer #50.75K or any amount with kobo attached.

The minimum amount of airtime that can be shared using MTN share and sell is #50. The maximum amount that can be shared in a single transaction is #5,000.

The total cumulative amount of airtime that can be transferred in a single day using MTN share and sell is #10,000.

Any airtime transferred using share and sell cannot be reversed so it is advisable to always check and crosscheck the receivers MTN number before making any airtime transfer.

MTN postpaid customers cannot use share and sell when their airtime balance is on the negative(-).

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