Cancel Etisalat 9mobile Data Bundle Auto-renewal

All 9mobile(etisalat)data bundle plan come with the auto-renewal feature. The auto-renewal feature puts the active current data bundle plan on automatic subscription mode whenever it expires,so long as there is enough airtime on the 9mobile line to cover the cost of re-subscription.

In simple and clear terms, 9mobile data bundle subscriptions renew itself automatically whenever they expire,when there is enough airtime to effect the renewal.

For example, if you subscribe to the 9mobile 1GB data bundle plan which goes for #1,000 (one thousand naira)and it expires. The auto-renewal feature activates, and will automatically subscribe to the same 1GB data bundle plan without your consent so long as you have up to #1,000 (one thousand naira)on the 9mobile line at the time of expiration of the data bundle plan, or anytime you have up to the said amount of airtime.

The auto-renewal feature could be very annoying, most especially,when you have other plans for the airtime on your 9mobile line,hence,the need to cancel the auto-renewal feature before the active data bundle plan expires.

On the other hand,9mobile data bundle plans support data rollover. The data rollover feature allows for the addition of any unused leftover data to a new data bundle subscription.

For example,if you subscribe to 9mobile 5gb data bundle plan and you were able to use 4gb before its expiration. Data rollover gives you the chance of rolling over the unused 1Gb data leftover when you subscribe again before its expiration. When you subscribe again to 5gb 9mobile data bundle plan, you get a total of 6gb.

Once the data bundle plan expires even by a second data rollover becomes null and void. That is where auto-renewal becomes beneficial because it will automatically subscribe again and the data rollover would be successful.

Data rollover will work manually where you have to do the rollover by yourself without waiting for the data to expire. To do that you have to cancel the auto-renewal feature first, and then subscribe to any data bundle plan with the same validity period.

Data rollover also has it own term which is, you can only rollover a data bundle plan with a data bundle plan in the same validity category. Data rollover can only work when you subscribe to a data bundle plan within the same validity category.

Any daily data bundle plan can only be used to rollover an unused daily data bundle plan. Weekly data bundle plans can only be used to rollover any weekly data bundle plans. The same goes for monthly data bundle plans.

How To Cancel 9mobile Data Auto-renewal

To cancel 9mobile data auto-renewal feature simply dial this USSD code, *229*0#. You can also cancel 9mobile data auto-renewal by sending STOP to 229

Once you cancel auto-renewal on an active data bundle plan, you also deny yourself the data rollover feature except you do that manually by subscribing again before your active data bundle plan expires.

Since you are left with the option of enjoying data rollover when you have auto-renewal active, and having your airtime used for automatic subscription for a data bundle plan without your consent. It is now left for you to decide either to enjoy the auto-renewal feature, if you value data rollover, or cancel the auto-renewal and miss out of automatic data rollover.

9mobile data bundle auto-renewal comes active with each new data bundle subscription. Whenever you subscribe to any 9mobile data bundle plan you need to cancel the auto-renewal feature.

Finally, to cancel 9mobile data bundle auto-renewal feature anytime you wish to, here once again is the USSD code to cancel 9mobile auto-renewal *229*0# or through SMS by sending STOP to 229


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