Get 9mobile (Etisalat) 2.5GB Data Bundle For #700 With 40days Validity

Internet data bundle plans do not come cheap in this country hence, the search for ways to keep cost down whilst getting to stay online browsing the Internet. One of such ways to keep cost relatively cheap is this discovery on how to get 9mobile(Etisalat)2.5GB data bundle for #700 (naira) with 40 days validity.

9mobile ordinarily does not have such internet data bundle plan on offer but, with some uncanny methods you can get to enjoy 2.5GB of data bundle from the network with just #700 for 40 days. This is no cheat,has nothing to do with tweaking yet very real and legitimate.

9mobile has an ongoing promo offer for new customers to the network called heavyweight awoof(4-in-1 acquisition)bonus offer. The promo offer comes with 4 bonuses which includes call bonuses and data bonuses. In view of getting 2.5GB data bundle plan for #700 with 40 days validity this post will largely be about the data bonus which comes with the heavyweight awoof (4-in-1 acquisition offer).

The heavyweight awoof bonus offer comes with 1.5GB data bundle on offer for the first recharge of #500 (five hundred naira)on any newly registered and activated 9mobile sim. The 1.5GB data bundle plan has a validity of 7days.

The heavyweight awoof bonus offer also gives the newly registered and activated sim the sole privilege of enjoying 1GB of data bundle for #500(five hundred naira). This 1.5GB data bundle plan comes with 30 days validity. The 9mobile 1GB data bundle plan ordinarily goes for #1,000 (one thousand naira)but on heavyweight awoof you get it for #500.

The deal plays out this way,1.5GB of data bundle plan on first recharge of #500 plus 1GB of data bundle on first data bundle subscription for #500 altogether gives 2.5GB. The validity for the 1.5Gb data is 7 days while that of the 1GB data is 30 days altogether making for 40 days validity.

The simple procedure for getting 2.5GB data bundle plan on 9mobile network for #700 with 40days validity is as follows;

Buy a 9mobile sim pack for #200.

Register and activate the 9mobile line.

On activation of the line, choose any of these prepaid plans moretalk,talkzone and cliqlite.

Recharge the 9mobile line with #500 single recharge card.

Next,subscribe to the 1GB data bundle plan with #500.

Full Details On How To Get 9mobile (Etisalat) 2.5GB Data Bundle For #700 With 40days Validity

Here is how to the get the 2.5GB data for #700 with 40days validity in full details. Go through it carefully and make sure you understand it to avoid errors, because if you miss any step along the way the whole thing would be messed up.

Go to any 9mobile service center, buy a sim pack for #100 or #200 depending on the location and place you would be buying the sim pack from.

9Mobile service centers will register the line for you. The person who registered the line will want to activate the line for you and also ask you to buy airtime from the service center. Please kindly refuse them activating the line for you because the person might migrate you to a prepaid plan that won’t qualify you to receive the 2.5GB data.

To activate the 9mobile line yourself,put the sim into any mobile phone and dial 200. Carefully listen to the voice prompt and choose any of these prepaid plans,moretalk,talkzone and cliqlite,cliqlite preferably. Mind you, cliqlite is totally different from morecliq so choose wisely.

Recharge the 9mobile line with a single recharge amount PIN of #500. Do not recharge with any other amount because the first recharge of #500 qualifies you for 1.5GB.

Any recharge amount below #500 will not qualify you for 1.5GB but rather the applicable data bundle for such recharge amount. 1GB data bundle for a single first recharge of #200 and 500MB for a single first recharge of #100 as the case might be. Make sure you recharge the 9mobile line within 24 hours of registering the line to avoid the line from being deactivated.

After you have received the 1.5GB data for the first recharge of #500 with 7days validity, you can either wait to exhaust the 1.5GB data or go ahead and subscribe to 1GB data bundle plan.

To subscribe to the 1GB data bundle plan with the earlier recharged #500,dial *229*2*2#.

The 1GB data bundle plan has a validity period of 30 days. The 1Gb data bundle plan can only be received once after which you get 500MB when you dial the USSD code again.

The 2.5GB data bundle can only be gotten once on the 9mobile network on a particular sim through the heavy weight awoof bonus offer. Since #700 could get you 2.5GB of 9mobile data,you can repeat the procedure with new 9mobile sim for more 2.5GB data bundle.

One sim gives 2.5GB, two sims give a total of 5GB and the more 9mobile sims you get the more data bundle you get in that order.

It does not get cheaper and more legit than this. Enjoy the 2.5GB of 9mobile data bundle for #700 while it lasts.

For full details on 9mobile heavyweight awoof bonus offer and all the bonuses available Click Here.

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