New 9mobile Morecliq 2.0 Prepaid Plan Migration Code Bonus and Call Rates

After etisalat pulled out of Nigeria,9mobile was formed to take over operations of the mobile network. After the takeover,there has been slight modifications to some of the etisalat prepaid plans and one of such prepaid plans is easycliq which has transformed to morecliq 2.0.

The new 9mobile more cliq 2.0 comes as a replacement to Etisalat easycliq. Morecliq 2.0 offers more bonuses and above all, the freedom to choose from any bonus that suites the subscribers call and browsing lifestyle.

MoreCliq 2.0 prepaid plan offers the subscriber the freedom to choose between 350% bonus for on-net calls,250% bonus for calls to other networks(off-net),and 100% bonus on data bundle plans from 50MB to 500MB. All the subscriber needs to do is make a choice.


250% bonus on every recharge of #200 and above.

200MB for #100 (one off purchase).

250% bonus on every recharge of #100 and above.

150% bonus on every recharge below #100.

350% bonus on every recharge of #100 and above.

250% bonus on every recharge less than #100.

100% data bonus on selected data bundle plans.

Free 1GB data to browse all night.

Discounted night bundle plan of 250MB for #50.

Campus data offer at discounted rates.

The more cliq bonuses received by the subscriber depends on the morecliq bonus package selected by the subscriber.


9mobile morecliq 2.0 offers 4 types of bonus packages. The default bonus package,300% morecliq bonus package,250% morecliq bonus package and 100% morecliq data bonus package.

Default MoreCliq Bonus Package

On a successful activation or migration to morecliq 2.0 prepaid plan,the subscriber automatically gets on the default bonus package plan.

The default bonus package comes with;

250% bonus on every recharge of #200 and above.

200MB for #100(one off purchase).

1 Free SMS to morecliq subscribers for every billed SMS.

The 200MB for #100 is available for subscription only once and after that the normal data bundle subscription price for 200MB which is #200 applies.

The subscription code for the one time 200MB for #100 is *229*10*11#.

The 200MB one off data offer has a validity of 7days.

The 1 free SMS is available for sending to only more cliq customers and only received when the subscriber sends a billed SMS to any network. More like,pay for one SMS and get one free SMS to only morecliq subscribers.

When you want to subscribe to 200MB 9mobile data bundle plan after using the free one-off data offer, use this USSD code *229*2*10# or Send LCD to 229. It goes for #200 and has a validity of 7days.

The default morecliq bonuses are available to subscribers who do not choose any bonus package choice. It comes automatically as a default package and needs no other special thing from the subscriber after activation/migration to morecliq prepaid plan.

9mobile subscribers have the freedom to choose from any of these bonus plans;

250% Morecliq Bonus package

The following bonuses are available on 250% morecliq bonus package.

250% bonus on every recharge of #100 and above. The 250% bonus is split 50:50 for on-net calls and off-net calls(125% bonus for on-net calls and 125% bonus for off-net calls).

150% bonus on every recharge below #100.

The 250% bonus gets split into half,125% bonus for calls to 9mobile network(on-net calls)and 125% bonus for calls to other networks(off-net calls)for every recharge of #100 and above. Below #100 is 150% bonus (75% apiece).

The 250% bonus has a validity of 7days. Every unused bonus expires and is wiped off after 7days.

350% Morecliq Bonus Package

350% bonus is made available for every recharge of #100 and above for calls to only 9mobile networks(on-net calls).

250% bonus for every recharge below #100 also available for on-net calls(9mobile networks).

The 250% bonus for every recharge below #100 comes with a special call rate of 60k/secs charged from the 250% bonus only.

The validity period of the 350% bonus is 7days after which any unused bonus expires.

100% MoreCliq Data Bonus Package

100% data bonus on selected data bundle plans purchased.

The selected data bundle plans included are from 50MB to 500MB. Any data bundle plan below 50MB and above 500MB is not included in the offer.

The main data bundle plan you subscribe to can be used anytime in the day but the 100% data bonus can only be used at night,between the hours of 10:30pm and 5:00am. For example,when you subscribe to 200MB data bundle plan you get 400MB(200MB main data plus 200MB bonus).

The data bundle plan you subscribed to which is 200MB can be used anytime. The data bonus can only be used between 10:30pm to 5:00am.

Any other data bundle plan already discounted like social me,campus data offer,etc will not be granted bonus.

The main data bundle plan takes the exact validity of the data bundle subscription while the 100% data bonus has a validity of 7days. When you subscribe to any data bundle plan with 30days validity,you get 30days validity for the data bundle subscription, while the 100% bonus received has 7days validity.

Other MoreCliq 2.0 Bonuses

These other bonuses are available to all morecliq 2.0 prepaid subscribers irrespective of the subscribers chosen bonus package.

Every morecliq prepaid customer gets;

Cliq 4 D Nite

1GB free data to browse all night for a single or cumulative recharge of #700(seven hundred Naira)in a week, between Monday to Sunday.

When you recharge #200,you get 150MB free data to browse all night.

When you recharge additional #300 in the same week, you get free 350MB for night browsing.

On further additional recharge of #200 the same week you get free 500MB to browse all night.

Either way, you still get 1GB free data for night browsing. A single and cumulative recharge amount of #700 gives 1GB free data while a single recharge of #200,#300 and #200 in a single week will give you 150MB,350MB and 500MB respectively.

The week recharge starts Monday and ends on Sunday.

Cliq for the night free data bonus can only be used from 12:00am to 5:00am.

The validity for the cliq of the night data bonus is 7days.

Discounted Night Data Bundle Plan

Every 9mobile more cliq customer have the exclusive benefit of enjoying a very discounted night data bundle plan of 250MB for #50.

To subscribe to morecliq night data bundle plan dial *229*10*10#.

9mobile night data bundle plan comes with auto-renewal feature. The auto-renewal feature will automatically subscribe for you again when you exhaust the allotted 250MB.

To cancel the auto-renewal feature anytime you subscribe to 9mobile night bundle plan dial *229*0#

Know about 9mobile morecliq free night browsing here.

For more on data auto-renewal and how to cancel it click here.


As a morecliq customer,when you stay within a campus zone on 9mobile campus data offer radar you get best deals on select data bundle plans.

The select data bundle plans are 200MB,500MB and 1GB for the prices of #100,#250 and #500 respectively.

To subscribe to 200MB campus data offer for #100 dial *609*1#. It has a validity of 3days.

To subscribe to 500MB campus data offer for #250 dial *609*2#.It has a validity of 7days.

To subscribe to 1GB campus data offer for #500 dial *609*1#.It has a validity of 7days.

For other 9mobile data bundle plans and subscription codes click here 


As a 9mobile morecliq prepiad customer,irrespective of your bonus package,you also get access to digital media content,cloud 9,games portal,football portal and video portal at a discount fee of #15 daily.

For music(cloud 9),text Easy to 609.

For Football,text Easy to 55506.

Any bonus received on morecliq 2.0 cannot be shared or transferred to any 9mobile customer.

The validity of any bonus received expires on the appropriate period and any unused data at that point in time becomes invalid and gets wiped off.

Your main airtime account and data bundle plan starts being charged, if you have any available,in a situation where you exhaust your bonus before the validity period.

Airtime received through 9mobile airtime transfer does not count towards any bonus. The supported channels are virtual top up(VTU),electronic top up(e-top up),physical paper recharge PIN(voucher).

Bonuses cannot be used for international calls and SMS,data bundle subscriptions and subscription to other value added services like caller tunes, etc.


To activate morecliq on a new 9mobile sim,dial 200 and press 2.

To migrate to morecliq from any existing 9mobile prepaid plan,dial *244*1# or use the my9mobile app,go to prepaid menu on the app and select morecliq(new).

Migration to the new morecliq prepaid plan is FREE but attracts a fee of #100, if you have migrated to any other 9mobile prepaid plan within a period of 30days.

To check your current 9mobile prepaid plan or check if you have been successfully migrated to the new morecliq 2.0 prepaid plan,dial *200*2*6# or *244*3#.

Code To Choose Any Morecliq Bonus Package

To choose/select any of the morecliq bonus package,dial *545# and reply with the number option of the bonus package you wish to choose.

The code must be dialed before you recharge so as to get the benefit of any bonus package you choose. In other words,you must first choose a bonus package before you recharge.

You can always switch morecliq bonus package but must be done when you have #50 airtime or less else it will not be successful.

To change bonus package still dial *545# and choose the appropriate number of any morecliq bonus package you want to change to.


Call rates are different on all 9mobile bonus packages as well as call rates on the main account and the bonus account.

The following call rates apply for;

Default Morecliq Bonus Package;

Main account: 40k/sec(#24/min).

Bonus account:50k/sec(#30/min).

The call rates apply to both on-net calls and off-net calls.

250% Morecliq Bonus Package:

The call rates on the 250% morecliq bonus package are;

Main account:40k/sec(#24/min).

Bonus account:50k/sec(#30/min).

125% of the bonus is charged for on-net calls and 125% of the bonus is charged for off-net calls. All at a flat rate of 50k/sec(#30/min).

350% Morecliq Bonus Package

Main account:50K/sec(#30/min).

Bonus account:50k/sec(#30/min).

300% Bonus account for recharge below #100:60k/sec(#36).

Both 350% for and 300% are only charged for on-net calls(9mobile network).

The main account is charged for calls to other networks.

100% MoreCliq Bonus Package

Main account: 25k/secs(#15).

For calls to all networks.

No call bonus is available on this package.


SMS to all local networks,both on-net and off-net,is charged at a flat rate of #4 per SMS.

International SMS rate:#15/SMS.


Data rate: 5K/kb

Data is charged from the main account on PAYG go rate.

Those are all you need to know about the new morecliq 2.0 prepaid plan. The judgment is yours to pass if it is an ideal prepaid plan for you or not.

Still have any question about 9mobile morecliq prepaid plan or want to share your 9mobile morecliq 2.0 experience,kindly use the comment box below.

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