Quick Guide And Important MTN SME Data Bundle Reselling Codes

Internet data reselling is big business. Consider the things you do today and you will agree with me that internet data has found its way into our every day lives and play a very essential role. There is no remedy but paying and subscribing to internet data bundle plans to stay updated in the happenings of the day,sports,news,banking,social media,etc.

On which divide would you rather be? Those paying heavily for internet data bundle plans or those making money reselling internet data bundle plans?

It makes sense to join those making money reselling internet data bundle plans. If you’d rather make money selling MTN SME data bundle plans, here is a very quick,easy baby step by step concise yet comprehensive guide on important codes to get you started selling MTN SME data bundle plans.

Anyone can start MTN SME data reselling business,It requires no special thing but the steps below;

This is simply a handbook to consult for quick referencing when you want to start or already selling MTN SME data bundle plans.

Simple Step by Step Guide to Start MTN SME data Selling Business;

Step 1: Migrate to MTN biz class prepaid plan.

Step 2: Recharge your MTN sim with the appropriate amount of airtime of the MTN SME data bundle plan you intend to buy.

Step 3: Subscribe to any MTN SME data bundle plan(10GB,20GB,50GB).

Step 4: Create a PIN to protect your MTN SME data bundle plan.

Step 5: Promote your MTN SME data selling business.

Step 6:Start selling/sharing MTN SME data bundle plans and make money.

Here are the quick codes to keep handy for every MTN SME data reseller.


To migrate to MTN SME biz class dial *460# or text 460 to 131.

Migration is FREE. But attracts a fee of #100 if you have migrating from any other MTN prepaid plan where you have not spent more than 30 days.


Here are the MTN SME data bundle plans,their prices,subscription codes and validity period.

To subscribe through USSD code format;

10GB *461*1*1# #7,500

20GB *461*1*1# #14,000

50GB *461*1*1# #30,000

Through SMS format;

Send 465 to 131 for 10GB #7,500

send 466 to 131 for 20GB #14,000

send 467 to 131 for 50GB #30,000

10GB and 20GB SME data bundle plan come with a validity of 30 days while 50GB comes with a validity of 60 days. You can achieve 90 days (3 months)validity on all MTN SME data bundle plans using the method explained HERE.


To change your MTN SME data share PIN use this format.


The underscore(_)symbol denotes space.

The format should look something like this SMPIN 0000 1234

The 0000 is the default PIN. You can always change your PIN but your old PIN should replace the place of 0000.

You can also forget about changing your MTN SME PIN if you already have a PIN for MTN share and Sell Airtime transfer. Use your share and sell PIN.


You can share MTN SME data bundle plan using the SMS format below.


SMEA_MTN NUMBER_250_PIN# to 131 to sell 250MB.

SMEB_MTN NUMBER_500_PIN# to 131 to sell 500MB.

SMEC_MTN NUMBER_1000_PIN# to 131 to sell 1GB.

SMED_MTN NUMBER_2000_PIN# to 131 to sell 2GB.

SMEE_MTN NUMBER_5000_PIN# to 131 to sell 5GB.

The underscore symbol _ represents space. Wherever you see it in the format above replace it with space.


This is the code to check your MTN SME data bundle balance as a data reseller(sponsor) *461*2#.

Your customers(beneficiary)can check their MTN SME data bundle balance using this USSD code *461*6#.

Everything about MTN SME data bundle can be accessed using this USSD code *461#.It can give you options to whatever it is you want to do about MTN SME data.

Those are the quick short codes to enhance and make your MTN SME data reselling business effective. Keep it handy or better still Bookmark this post for easy access to it whenever the need arises.

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Anayo Ezinwa

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