MTN GLO Airtel 9mobile Night Data Bundle Plans

The various mobile networks in Nigeria(MTN,Glo,Airtel and 9mobile) have different night data bundle plans which are quite relatively cheap compared with the regular data bundle plans from the various mobile networks.

The night bundle plans are so cheap you can get up to 500MB for #25. That sounds good right? But then, staying awake at night to browse, of course, have to be when you sacrifice sleep. You sure get and enjoy cheap data to make up for lost sleep hours.

The good thing about night bundle plans is when you subscribe to any of it and have an existing data bundle plan,it puts the active day data bundle plan on pause for the valid night hours or till you exhaust the night bundle plan. Keep those huge files,music and video streaming till night hours when you can have enough data bundle plan at a fair price to download and stream.

Without wasting further time,lets look into the various mobile networks and what their night data bundle plan look like.


MTN night bundle plan is available only to customers on MTN pulse prepaid plan.

MTN night bundle plan is available within the hours of 12:00am to 5:00am.

The data bundle on offer is 125MB for the price of #25 and;

250MB for the price of #50.

To subscribe to MTN night data bundle plan, Dial this USSD code;

For 125MB at #25, dial *406*4*1*1#

For 250MB at #50, dial *406*4*2*1#

Unfortunately,there is no MTN provided way to check the night bundle plan balance but you will always get a notification when you subscribe and also a usage notification when you have less than 10% data left and when you completely exhaust the night browsing data.

At this point your active daily MTN data bundle plan becomes active again if you have any available at that moment.

You can also monitor your MTN night bundle or any internet data bundle usage using the internet meter lite app.

MTN night bundle plans does not support auto-renewal and data rollover.

The night bundle plan expires once it is 5:00am and any unused data expires at that point in time.

In a situation where you exhaust the allotted 125MB or 250MB night bundle browsing data before 5:00am, you can subscribe again and again in a single night.

To enjoy MTN night bundle plan you must be on MTN pulse prepaid plan.

To migrate to MTN pulse prepaid plan through;

SMS Method: send 406 to 131

USSD Code Method: Dial *406*1#

To check your MTN prepaid plan,simply check your airtime balance and you will see your current prepaid plan before your airtime amount.

Migration to MTN prepaid plan is FREE but attracts a fee of #100 if you have migrated to any other MTN prepaid plan within a period of 30 days.


Airtel night data bundle plan is available only to customers on Airtel smart trybe 2.0 prepaid plan.

Airtel have two night data bundle plans on offer to smart trybe prepaid customers;

500MB for #25
1.5GB for #200.

Available between the hours of 12:00am to 5:00am.

Airtel night data bundle plan supports data rollover but does not support auto-renewal.

Airtel Night Bundle Plans Subscriptions

To enjoy any of the airtel night data bundle plans you must be a SmartTrybe 2.0 prepaid customer.

To migrate to airtel smart trybe prepaid plan dial *312#

When you dial *312# you will get a list of options that looks like this;

“Welcome to SmartTRYBE 2.0 offers exclusive to TRYBE members

1. migrate

2. N500 for 1GB

3. Trybe Night Browsing

4. Trybe Weekend

Reply with your choice….

Reply with 1 to migrate to airtel smart trybe prepaid plan.

Migration to airtel smart trybe prepaid plan is free but attracts a fee of #100 if you are migrating from another airtel prepaid plan in less than 30 days.

To check the current airtel prepaid plan you are on or to check if you have been successfully migrated to airtel smart trybe 2.0 prepaid plan dial *121*3*5#

For subscription to Airtel night bundle plan, dial *312# which brings out the same list of options again, this time reply with 3.

When you reply with 3 another list of options comes up like this;

1 N25-500MB.Valid 12am-5am

2 N200-1.5GB. Valid 12am-5am

0 Return to main menu

Reply with your choice

Reply with 1 to subscribe to airtel 500MB for #25 night bundle plan.

On a successful subscription you will receive 500mb for #25.

To subscribe to airtel 1.5GB for #200 night data bundle plan;

Follow the same procedure for the 500MB but when it gets to choosing the data bundle plan reply/select 2 (N200- 1.5GB valid 12am-5am).

Any airtel night data left unused before 5:00am can be rolled over and used the following night up to the exact time the subscription was done.

When you exhaust the allotted data before 5:00am,you cannot subscribe again till the exhausted data bundle plan completes a 24 hour cycle. For example,if you subscribe to airtel night data bundle plan by 2:00am and exhaust the allotted data by 4:00 am. You cannot subscribe again till 2:00 am the following night.

Unfortunately,you cannot check the airtel night data bundle balance but you will get a notification on a successfully subscription.

You can however monitor the data usage using the internet speed meter lite android app if you browse with your android phone or use it as mobile hotspot.


Glo Night bundle plan is available to every glo customer, does not require anything special and offers 1GB data bundle for #200.

Available between the hours of 12:00am to 5:00am

The subscription code for Glo night data bundle plan through;

SMS method: Text 60 to 127

USSD code method: Dial *127*60#

To check your glo night data bundle balance dial *127*0#

Glo night data bundle plan supports data rollover and multiple subscriptions in a single night. You can always subscribe more than once anytime in the night when you exhaust the glo night data bundle plan.

Glo night data bundle plan also comes with auto-renewal feature. Once you exhaust the allotted 1GB data bundle and you have enough airtime,you will be automatically subscribed again to another glo night bundle plan.

If you do not want auto-renewal then you must cancel it anytime you subscribe to glo night data bundle plan.

To cancel glo data bundle auto-renewal feature anytime you subscribe to the night bundle plan,Text Cancel to 127.

The validity of the glo night bundle plan is 24 hours but only active within the hours of 12:00 am to 5:00 am. If you subscribe by 1:00 am today and fail to finish the allotted 1GB data before 5:00 am it will stop browsing but becomes active again from 12:00 am the following night till the very time,1:00 am, you subscribed the previous night.


9mobile have two night bundle plans on offer. One strictly for customers on morecliq prepaid plan and the other one for every other 9mobile subscriber irrespective of prepaid plan.

9mobile Night Data Bundle Plan For More cliq 2.0 Prepaid customers

This night bundle plan is available exclusively to 9mobile morecliq 2.0 customers.

You must be on morecliq 2.0 prepaid plan to enjoy it.

The morecliq 2.0 night bundle plan comes with 250MB data bundle for #50.

Active between the hours of 12:00am to 5:00am.

Supports auto-renewal and data rollover.

To migrate to morecliq 2.0 prepaid package from an existing 9mobile prepaid plan,dial *224*1# or use the my9mobileapp,go to prepaid menu on the app and select morecliq(new).

For a newly registered 9mobile line,dial 200 and press 2.

Migration to morecliq prepaid plan is Free for new and old 9mobile customers but attracts a fee of #100 for old customers that have migrated to another 9mobile prepaid plan within a period of 30 days.

To check your current 9mobile prepaid plan or if you are truly on morecliq prepaid plan, dial *200*2*6# or *244*3#.

To subscribe to 9mobile night bundle plan for morecliq customers only dial *229*10*10#

For more benefits on morecliq prepaid plan Click Here

9mobile Night Data Bundle Plan For All 9Mobile Prepaid Plans

The other 9mobile night bundle plan which is available to all 9mobile customers irrespective of prepaid plan offers 1GB data for #200.

Also available between the hours of 12:00am to 5:00am.

The subscription code is *229*3*11#.

To check the 9mobile night data bundle balance both for morecliq subscribers and other prepaid customers,dial *228#.

Both 9mobile night data bundle plans come with auto-renewal and data rollover. Any data left unused before 5:00am rolls over to the next night till the exact time when the subscription was done the night before.

You will be automatically subscribed again and the night bundle plan renewed immediately you exhaust the allotted night bundle data if you have enough airtime or whenever you have enough airtime to cover the cost.

You must cancel the auto-renewal feature anytime you subscribe to 9mobile night data bundle plan.

To cancel the auto-renewal feature,dial *229*0#.

Any active day data bundle you have becomes inactive immediately you subscribe to any night data bundle plan. It becomes active again immediately you exhaust the night bundle plan or reach the validity period.

So there you have it,everything you need to know about MTN,Airtel,Glo and 9mobile night data bundle plans.

You have seen and read it all and better informed to make a choice depending on the network with a night bundle plan that suites your browsing style and need.

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