Get MTN 4GB Data Bundle Plan for 1000 Naira

Getting 4GB of MTN data bundle for #1,000 seems practically impossible yet possible through MTN special welcome back data bundle offer. MTN has a data bundle plan available to customers who have not used their line for any chargeable transaction for a period of 45 days to 180 days.

The data bundle plan comes under the MTN welcome back offer which gives 20X(2000%)instant bonus on the value of every first recharge of the month to every MTN subscriber returning back to the network after 45 to 180 days of inactivity.

The welcome back special data bundle plan is an added advantage to the 2000% bonus. The MTN welcome back special data bundle plan has three data bundle plans on offer;

200MB for #100 with 3 days validity

1GB for #200 with 7 days validity

4GB for #1,000 with 30 days validity

How To Check Eligibility Status Of Any MTN SIM

Like I earlier said,this special data bundle plan is not available to every MTN customer, but only to those that have not used their MTN lines for any chargeable transaction like airtime recharge,calls and subscription based services within a period of 45 days to 180 days.

Since it is somehow hard to figure out the number of days you have spent without using your MTN line for any chargeable transaction,there is a code which can easily tell you if you are eligible to enjoy the MTN welcome back special data bundle plan.

To check if you qualify for this special data bundle plan dial,*559*65#

When you dial the code and you get this message You are Eligible for MTN welcome Back Offer! Simply Recharge to enjoy 2000% bonus. Also dial *131*65# to buy 1GB for N200 or any of the special data offer.”you are good to go.

Before you go ahead to recharge your MTN line, you should bear in mind that your first recharge will be converted to the regular 2000% MTN welcome back bonus. 1500% of the bonus will be for browsing on PAYG(pay as you go)while 500% of the bonus will be for local calls. You can get more details on everything about MTN welcome back offer Here.

The face value of the first recharge amount for the month cannot be used to subscribe to the MTN special welcome back data bundle, because it will be converted to 2000% bonus and credited to a special welcome back account. Subsequent airtime recharges can be used for the special welcome data bundle.

MTN Special Welcome Back Data Bundle Plans and Subscription Codes

The following are the MTN special data bundle plans on offer;

200mb for #100 with 3 days validity.

1gb for #200 with 7 days validity.

4gb for #1,000 with 30 days validity.

After you have confirmed that you are eligible for the offer by dialing *559*65# you can go ahead and recharge your MTN line and subscribe to any of the data bundle plans.

To subscribe to any MTN special welcome back data bundle dial *131*65#

Follow the prompt and carefully reply with the corresponding number of your preferred data bundle;

1 for 200mb

2 for 1gb

3 for 4gb

You can also go through the SMS method;

For 200mb,send WBD1 to 131

For 1gb,send WBD2 to 131

For 4gb, send WBD3 to 131

How To Check MTN Special Welcome Back Data Bundle Balance

To check the data bundle balance,dial *131*4# or send 2 to 131.

To check the validity period of the particular special data bundle plan you are subscribed to dial *559*78#

The MTN special welcome back data bundle is an offer which lasts for 3months on a single MTN line. The 3months start from the date of the first airtime recharge which welcomes you back to the network. After 90days you can no longer be eligible for this offer.

Data accumulation is also supported as you can subscribe more than once for any of the data bundle plans before and even after the expiration of the current data bundle. But each data bundle subscription comes with its own separate expiry date.

This MTN special data bundle plan is also available to customers who lost or misplaced their MTN lines within the 45 to 180 days period. All they need to do is go to any MTN office or service center and do a sim replacement.

Go dust your old and forgotten MTN, get back to the network and enjoy up to 4gb for just #1,000,even 8gb for #2,000 and more.

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