Airtel Free Weekly 250MB Data Bundle

Airtel is giving free weekly data of 250MB to all their customers that meet their weekly recharge target through airtel Recharge plus promo offer. Customers get the airtime amount value credited to their main account plus free data.

airtel free data bundle

Airtel recharge plus offer is available to all airtel customers. The only thing required from the airtel customer is to recharge the required amount of airtime. The face value of the airtime recharge amount is not affected as it is credited to the customers main account and the customer can use the airtime for calls or any other billable transaction. The 250MB data is 100% free but then you must meet the weekly recharge threshold to be able to get it.

The weekly recharge threshold is not the same for all airtel customers. The minimum airtime amount required to get the free weekly 250MB is dependent to an extent on the recharge history of the airtel customer. Big spenders tend to have higher weekly threshold while small and medium spenders tend to also have a threshold based on their recharge strength.

airtel free data 250mb

To check your weekly target,what amount of airtime you need to recharge to get the free data for the week dial *479#

There is no special code required to dial to recharge airtime and get the free 250MB weekly data. You just recharge with the normal code used normally for airtime recharge.Recharge made through Virtual top-up VTU applies while airtime received through airtel airtime transfer does not count.  

To check the data bundle balance Dial *140#.

The free weekly 250MB data can only be received once in a week and has a validity that lasts till 11:59PM on Sunday. All unused data bundle expires,disappears,and can no longer be used again irrespective of when the weekly threshold is reached and the free data received. Even if you receive the free 250MB weekly data by 10:00PM on a Sunday,it will expire on the same Sunday 11:59PM. Once it hits 12:00Am on Monday of a new week a new cycle begins.

It is advisable to meet the recharge threshold as early as possible in the week so as to be able to enjoy the free data long enough before expiration.

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