How To Easily Search For Products On 1688 Using The Product Image

The go to site when it comes to importing from china and doing Ecommerce business is 1688. On 1688 you can source for products from China and find them at ridiculously cheaper prices than you can find on other Ecommerce sites like aliexpress, Amazon, Dhgate, Taobao and even alibaba. The major drawback of using 1688 for Ecommerce business is the site is purely a Chinese website. Most times using the name of a product to search for it on 1688 cannot get you the exact product.The best option and easiest way to search for products on 1688 in such situation is using the product image.

Before I go further to show you how to easily search for products on 1688 using pictures of the products,I will like to also show you how to translate the entire 1688 website from Chinese to English as that tends to also be a barrier of sort when using 1688.

How To Translate 1688 Website To English

The easiest way to translate 1688 website from Chinese to English is to access(browse)the website with Google Chrome web browser.

Using either Google chrome web browser on your PC or mobile device gives you the option to translate the 1688 website to English once the site loads completely.

Google chrome browser on PC translates the site automatically to English,but in a situation where it does not for any reason whatsoever,do not panic, just right-click on any blank space on the page and select Translate to English from the options displayed and wait as the website refreshes itself and translates to English.

How To Easily Search For Products On 1688 Using Pictures

Using image to search for product on 1688 makes it very much easier to get the exact product with such image unlike when using the product name, in which case the website will show similar or non-related products.

1688 provides a very powerful image search feature through which you can easily use the image of the product you need to make a search on the website.

To have an easy image search on 1688 website using the picture of the product you need to make sure that;

The image used for the search is on a white background.

There is no other image on the same page with the image of the product you are searching for.

Next, go to aliexpress, alibaba, Amazon, taobao or the site where you found the product or use google to search and get the perfect image of the product in view.

When you see the image of the product, Right-Click on it and click the SAVE AS option. Save the image with a name you can remember and also note down the folder where the image is been saved to.

Searching For The Product On 1688 Using The Product Image

Once you get an image that qualifies,go to 1688 and click on the camera icon which is towards the right end of the search tab .

A click/tap on it brings up a folder on your PC or phone depending on the device you are using. Locate the folder that has the image of the product you want to search on the 1688 website and select the image. When you select the image,do not do any other thing but wait for the website to search for the product. The website picks it up from there and searches the product for you.

When the results displayed do not have the product you searched for,go and look for another image of the product and do a repeat search because the website tries to read the image and may not be accurate in some instances.

The image search option is only available when you are accessing the desktop version of the 1688 website,hence it is advisable to make use of/browse the site using a desktop computer or laptop. But if you must access the site using a mobile device then you need to change the mobile webpage display to desktop mode,so as to have the website display exactly on your mobile phone the same way it would on a desktop screen.

How To Change A Mobile Page To Desktop Webpage

Using a Google chrome mobile browser on any mobile device you need to change the mobile page mode to desktop mode else you wont be able to see the camera icon required for the image search on 1688.

To change to desktop mode on google chrome mobile browser,tap on the three vertical dots on the far right hand side of your address bar. Look for the option REQUEST DESKTOP SITE and check the box beside it for the page to change to desktop mode.

When the site loads completely it will show you an option to translate the page from Chinese to English. Tap on translate and wait for the page to translate to English.

This is basically how to search for a product on 1688 using the image search option. If you need information on how to go about buying hot in demand products from 1688 and shipping it to Nigeria or any country,selling the products easily and other logistics involved with Ecommerce, get in touch using the comment box below and answers shall be provided to your questions in record time.

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  1. Hello and thanks a whole lot for the direction, I still didn’t get the camera icon though, could you please help me out with agents I can connect with to get a cheaper kg cost buying from China?

    1. Carefully follow through the post and you will definitely find the camera icon.

      Cheaper is relative here as I would not know what price your agents charge per KG. I might recommend agents to you and they turn out to charge higher per KG than the agent you make use of.

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