Reasons Why Affiliate Marketers Do Not Make Money In Nigeria and How To Avoid Them

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business models that guarantees earning money online, but there are problems associated with affiliate programs in Nigeria which cut them short of the income potentials. These problems make potential affiliate marketers conclude prematurely that affiliate marketing does not work and one cannot make it online doing affiliate marketing.

The following are the problems associated with doing affiliate marketing in Nigeria and how to easily overcome them.

The number one problem associated with doing affiliate marketing in Nigeria is cash out of affiliate earnings. Simply put, lack of an efficient payment processor system to cash out affiliate earnings.

The payout option for most of the better and highly rated affiliate programs,Warriorplus,JVzoo,commissionJunction,etc is Paypal. It becomes a very huge problem because currently paypal account domiciled in Nigeria can only make payment but cannot receive funds. Hence,when you succeed in making money with an affiliate program up to the minimum payout,you cannot get the money because your Nigerian paypal account cannot allow you receive your affiliate earnings.

Some affiliate programs go ahead to provide other payment options which may include checks,payoneer ,Bank wire,etc,but truth be told,most of these options come with other terms and conditions which do not go down well unlike paypal. For example,some affiliate programs will allow you apply for payout with paypal option when you earn up to $50 affiliate commission and may be from $100 to as high as $1,000 as minimum payout for other payment options.

There are methods out there you can use to open and create a paypal account which will allow you receive payments,but in the long run paypal will finally get to you and block your account. That might be when you have enough funds in your paypal account.

It makes no sense earning affiliate commissions when you cannot easily apply for and get a payout. You need to always check out the payment options of any affiliate program you want to join to avoid stories that touch when it comes to payout of commissions.

There is no point doing affiliate marketing, deploying you time and resources promoting an affiliate program and in the end you wont receive the fruits of you labour.

The second problem with doing affiliate program in Nigeria is that they are structured in a way that Nigerians are not allowed into such affiliate programs.

Take for instance,Clickbank,it is one of the best affiliate program but they do not allow anyone from Nigeria as a member. Though there are sneak tactics which can be applied to bypass the restriction and have a fully functional clickbank account.

The same applies to some other affiliate programs out there. Though they accept affiliates from Nigeria but with they way they are structured, their requirements,terms and conditions,it will be very clear to you they indirectly do not want to have Nigerian affiliates on their platform.

The third problem associated with doing affiliate marketing in Nigeria has do with the Niche Market and affiliate products.

You finally succeeded in joining the affiliate program,but chances are that the affiliate products you are promoting sound really strange to the Nigerian audience and that may see your affiliate marketing efforts turn futile.

Some of the affiliate products do not resonate very well with the Nigerian audience and in some instances were created without them in mind.

A Nigerian buying such product(s)will not be ideal because they will find it hard applying it in a Nigerian setting. In some cases, the other tools and general working environment required to make the product work may not be readily available to Nigerians.

The other hurdle which some affiliate marketers encounter is the lack of adequate training and information on how affiliate marketing works.

Joining an affiliate program is one step,while promoting and marketing the affiliate products on offer is yet another very important aspect of affiliate marketing.

The mistake people make is that they think once you join an affiliate program you start earning affiliate commissions immediately. When such do not happen they easily become frustrated and conclude either that affiliate marketing is hard or does not work.

They tend to forget that the core of affiliate program has to do with marketing the affiliate products effectively using a proven marketing system.

Most of them join affiliate programs and blast their affiliate links on social media sites when their friends on social media do not need such products. Some rely on free traffic methods which do not work for the kind of affiliate products they are promoting.

To get effective and good at affiliate marketing you need to master different marketing and traffic generation methods. Some marketing and traffic methods deployed by most Nigerian affiliates do not work when promoting and marketing affiliate products.

Finally, the problem with most affiliate marketers in Nigeria is that they do not want to invest time and resources in learning about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a serious online business model that can make you 6-digit figures monthly,if you understand the way it works and the right marketing methods to promote affiliate programs.

The problem exist where they think they can become successful doing affiliate marketing with free tools and resources,failing to understand that no battle tested general reveals his war winning strategies to an outsider for Free.

Having x-rayed the problems associated with doing affiliate marketing in Nigeria, the goal of this post would not be attained if there are no solutions proffered to solve the problems associated with making money with affiliate programs in Nigeria.

To become wildly successful doing Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria, the type that makes 6-Digit Figure Income Monthly on a consistent basis you need to pay full attention.

There is an Affiliate platform currently in Nigeria built by a Nigerian for Nigerians.

This affiliate platform solves all the problems associated with doing affiliate marketing with foreign websites because;

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The affiliate platform pays into your Nigerian bank account every Friday when you reach the payment threshold. The bottlenecks associated with paypal and other payment options doing affiliate programs are removed.

The affiliate products on this platform are created by Nigerians for Nigerians. These digital products resonate and work well in the Nigerian environment and convert very well because the product vendors(creators)had Nigerians in mind while creating such products.

The affiliate commissions on this affiliate platform are very high. Affiliate Commissions on this Nigerian affiliate platform go as high as 50% and with that, you get to make more affiliate commissions and easily get a consistent payout.

What affiliate marketing platform is that? This Nigerian affiliate platform created by a Nigerian for Nigerians to cut off all bottlenecks associated with doing affiliate marketing with foreign affiliate programs is for serious affiliate marketers.

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It is not for every affiliate marketer out there, but affiliate marketers that are very serious about affiliate marketing and want to build a solid online business model doing affiliate marketing and making consistent 6-digit affiliate commissions monthly.

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