What You Need To Build A Highly Profit Pulling Money Making Viral Blog

In every aspect of life there is usually a good and bad way to getting something done. The same goes for blogging,there is a good way to go about blogging so also a bad approach to it.

The good way to blogging leads to building a high profit pulling blog that makes 6-figure digit income on a consistent basis,while the bad way to blogging leads to creating a blog that struggles to even make enough money to cover the expenses incurred maintaining such blog.

There is the conventional way of blogging which relies on SEO (Search Engine Optimization),domain ranking,domain authority,keyword ranking,search engine traffic,etc for success. It also involves ads and other marketing strategies. If you wish to employ them, AdWords Austin is offering the best services.

The problem usually associated with blogs structured around those is,there will always be a change in Google algorithm and what makes the blog kick might turn out to completely work against the blog.

The conventional method of blogging is what every blogger out there knows about and compete with each other on who will outrank the other for a particular keyword. The conventional method of blogging might have worked in times past when the blogsphere was not that saturated. Today, it is very rare to succeed and build a highly profitable blog using the conventional method of blogging.

What then is the way out?

You probably might have heard about blogging,and bloggers making a living generating crazy income online through their blogs. Chances are,you might have even created one and have not been able to make a reasonable income from your blog to even cover the costs you spend running the blog.

Before you get frustrated,quit and finally conclude that one cannot make money blogging on the internet ,allow me to introduce you to a system of blogging which known as Viral Blogging.

What is Viral Blogging? Viral blogging is a system of blogging which is built using contents which people want to read and very eager to share with friends.

Just like the effect of a virus,viral blogs spread like wildfire. The joy of every blogger is to have people(traffic) visit and read whatever content is on his blog. This joy fades away when there is little or no traffic generated. Of course you know when enough traffic is generated and the blog contents are interesting the audience will come back and even share the blog contents to their friends on social media.

That is exactly how a viral blog is structured. The contents on a viral blog follows no such rule as SEO,keyword stuffing which sometimes make the post uninteresting and boring.

Viral blogs care less about SEO,page ranking,keyword ranking,domain authority and all those stuffs. Yet, they do very much better than blogs using such techniques.

Viral blogs generate so much traffic which could be monetized in any way through PPC(pay per click)which adsense is the chief,affiliate marketing,list building etc.

What exactly do you need to build a profit pulling Viral blog?

To create a money making viral blog here are the things you need;

Domain name; this is the primary thing needed to build a viral blog. It has to be a premium top level domain name like premiumvpntunnel.com hyperincomesystem.com bemyguest101.com

To get a premium top level domain name at the best price possible go to Namecheap.

Web hosting: web hosting account is required which will hold you blog files. To get a web hosting account which will be able to contain the high amount of traffic your viral blog would generate,go for Namecheap Stellar Plus or Stellar Business hosting plan and if you need something more robust go for Bluehost

WordPress Installation: WordPress is the platform on which the viral blog would be built upon. It is a very robust blogging platform with enough flexibility over other blogging platforms.

The Web hosting companies I recommended earlier makes provision for easy wordpress installation through their Cpanel.

Viral Contents: The attention time span of every online user is very short and should not be wasted on boring long blog posts. There are special kind of posts which grab attention and entice the readers to the point where they share the posts with their friends on social media.

Viral contents are needed to make your viral blog successful and it has nothing to do with long blog posts or boring optimizations.

Monetization Method: You need an avenue to generate money from your viral blog and one of the best ways to do that is through PPC and adsense is the best of them all. You can also monetize your viral blog through affiliate programs but adsense tends to be easier and pays better.

Advertising Budget: When you create your viral blog you need to promote the contents so as to be able to generate massive traffic to the blog. Remember,the core tactics involved in viral blogging is investing in paid traffic which will allow you make massive amount of money. The ROI (Return on Investment) is usually massive.

Viral Blogging Knowledge: Finally, the thing you cannot do without when you want to create a very successful profitable viral blog is a knowledge of how the viral blogging system works.

I have a Solid,Comprehensive and Power Packed Information On How To Create Profitable Viral Blogs.

And like you already know,this has got nothing to do with anything you already know about blogging like boring SEO tactics,Keyword Research and Page Ranking Headaches. No!

Imagine making $1,093 through viral blogging in a single month through Google Adsense.

How would you feel sitting down everyday doing nothing but watching your favorite Television show or playing play station,and later refreshing your adsense account and watch money drop in like Child’s play?

Viral Blogging Goldmine is the answer….

It is a video course created with YOU in mind to show you how to Make Crazy Money Monthly From Blogging.

If results like these are what you would like to achieve then…..

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