5 Simple Easy Step by Step Guide To Cheap Car Importation From U.S and Canada On A Shoestring Budget

5 Simple Easy Step by Step Guide To Cheap Car Importation From U.S and Canada On A Shoestring Budget Saving 30% and Above Of Actual Car Cost In Nigeria.

In October 2018, Shina Saseyi imported this clean Ford Edge, 2010 model from U.S.A to Nigeria for 2.7 million. If you walk into any car dealer shop in Nigeria the lowest price you can get that exact car and model is 3.5 Million Naira. The cost difference is N800,000.

He employed some freaky tactics to beat car dealers to their own game saving a whooping N800k in the process.

Since 2011, Shina Saseyi has been importing cars and has imported over 150 cars,Toyota Corolla, Range Rover, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Venza, Ford Edge, Lexus, just to mention but a few, from U.S.A and Canada. The cars were imported at ridiculously dirt cheap prices far below the market prices you can get them from car dealer shops in Nigeria.

Car dealers have closely guarded those secrets from you, but you are about to learn how to stop the rip-off, beat them in their own game, get access to the Insider Secrets, Safest, Most Guaranteed Method and Step By Step Process For Importing Tokunbo Cars From the US and Canada to Nigeria.

The truth is, Car Dealers will always make it seem like importing cars from U.S.A and Canada is rocket science and something that is really very hard to do. Of course, you don’t have to blame them as no business person will reveal his business secrets to an outsider. Because, when you have access to such closely guarded business secrets, you will definitely compete and may eventually knock such person out of business.

There is no big deal in buying fairly used cars for dirt cheap prices from U.S.A and Canada and shipping it down to Nigeria. Technology has made everything even easier as you can do same from the comfort of your home  and have the car delivered to you in Nigeria. Technology has greatly improved the way we do business, car importation inclusive.

Those same secrets which the car dealers have closely guarded from you are what I will be exposing in this article. After reading it, you would be better armed with enough information on The Safest and Most Guaranteed Method For Importing Tokunbo Cars From the Us and Canada to Nigeria.

Requirements For Buying Cars From U.S.A And Canada

To successfully buy and import cars from the US and Canada, there are basic things which you need and they are things which you might already have, except one,which you will have when you read this article to the very end.

They are;

Fast and Reliable Internet Connection.

Internet enabled device.(Personal computer(PC), Laptop, Mobile device).

Means of Identification. Nigerian Passport(National I.D Card, International Passport).

Certificate of Incorporation and Tax ID when you register as a company.

Knowledge on the process of car importation which you would be getting right here.

Some Websites Where To Buy Cheap Fairly Used Cars From The U.S And Canda

Here are some of the websites where you can buy fairly used cars, tokunbo cars in our local parlance.







And many more…

Some of the websites are free to join while some will charge you for registration and annual membership fees.

Some Car Auction Terms You Should Take Note Of

Here are some basic terms you need to understand to be able to have it easy buying cars on any of the car auction sites.

Salvage Title: cars you find on auction sites with salvage titles are cars that are damaged due to accident. They may be minor or major, so you need to ascertain the level of damage beforehand. This enables you determine if it could be easy to fix in Nigeria.

Clean Title: Clean title cars are cars that are very OK. But the drawback of cars in this category is that they are a bit pricey than salvage title cars. Clean title cars may in some instances have minor dents or scratches on the body.

Enhanced Vehicle: These are cars that have been modified due to accident or have certain parts changed to perform below par or according to prior users taste and style.

Buy It Now: The price for the car you want to buy. The exact price you pay for the car. The price you pay for the car is fixed.

Bid: The price is not fixed as you are required to bid on the amount you want to buy the car. The highest bidder for such cars get the car.

Cars To Avoid When Buying Cars On Car Auction Sites

There are cars which you should avoid buying because the cost of fixing such cars in Nigeria would be very high. In some instances they cannot be fixed.

Avoid the following cars;

Flooded vehicles. They usually have high electrical faults and chances of fixing them are very low.

Accident vehicles with damaged front end which affects the engine bay.

Vehicles with bad and damaged frames.

Cars with bad or damaged airbags. Airbags must be intact.

Why Cars On These Auction Sites Are Cheap

Here is one of the secrets car dealers do not want you to know. Most of the cars imported into Nigeria are accident vehicles which could be easily fixed in Nigeria. They buy them at very dirt cheap prices, fix them in Nigeria and sell them at a very high prices.

80% of cars imported in Nigeria are salvaged vehicles. Custom duties on these salvaged vehicles are also very low. Not all vehicles are accident vehicles though. Some are cars with minor dents or scratches.

Besides, owners of these vehicles had them insured and when they have an accident will have the insurance company write the car off as Offroad. It means the car cannot be driven anywhere in the country where it had the accident except outside the country. The insurance company will then sell off the car to auction sites as off road vehicles. The fact that it has been tagged “off road” vehicle in the US or Canada does not mean it cannot be driven in Nigeria. After all, you do not dump your car in Nigeria just because it had accident, you try to fix it and bring it back to the road.

In some instances, owners of these vehicles are just car freaks that want a newer model and cannot afford to have both cars in their garage with the accompanying car charges.
Imagine what happens when someone buys a new phone and sells off his old phone at a cheap price, or needs to sell off old phone to make up money for a new phone.

Those are some of the reasons why some cars come cheap on those car auction sites.

Here Are The Simple 5 Step by Step Process For Importing Tokunbo Cars From The Us And Canada To Nigeria.

STEP 1: Register On Any or All The Car Auction Sites.

Signup and complete the registration process on the car auction sites and provide the required documents as it increases your bidding eligibility.

STEP 2: Search and Select The Car You Want To Buy.

Search on any of the sites for the car you want to buy, both the type and model.

Check the title of the car (salvage, clean, enhanced, etc).

Also check for the vehicle history and VIN(vehicle Identification Number) as this reveals the true state of the vehicle,and other hidden information about the car which are not listed on the car auction site. You can do it yourself or use the service of independent inspectors that would do a very thorough car inspection.


Having certified that the car meets the basic things you need, you can go ahead and pay for the car.

There are two pricing methods on car auction sites;

Outright Buy (Buy it now ): This option lets you buy the car at the fixed price displayed on the site.

Bidding Option: There is no fixed price here. There is a bidding process which the car has to go through where the highest bidder gets to buy the car. The bidding process could be on a predetermined date, you wait for the date and time and make sure you are online at the time to join the bid process.
Winners of car bids are allowed 2-3 business days to pay. Failure to pay within the period attracts daily fine.

PAYING FOR THE CAR: There are two options through which you can pay for cars on the car auction sites. They are bank wire and debit card option.

You can use you regular ATM debit card but in some cases you will get declined or restricted transaction. The best you can do is get a dollar card through a domiciliary account.

Bank wire transfer is the next option.

Card payment is faster and cheaper.


Once bid is won and paid for, the car buyer is given 7 days to take the car off the auction yard.

The car is first taken to the nearest seaport from the auction yard from where it would be cleared through the U.S customs for export to Nigeria.

Some car auction websites provide you with shipping agents or suggest for you.

Shipping of cars to Nigeria could be either through Container or RORO Service (Roll On Roll Off).

RORO service is cheaper and faster.

A 40ft container can contain about 5 cars. If you are not buying up to 5 cars you need to wait till you get others to pair with which could lead to delay. Container is also expensive.

You may use the service of uship.com for shipping quotation.

Shipping of cars from U.S.A to Nigeria takes approximately 5-6 weeks to arrive the Tin-Can wharf, Lagos.


Clearing cars in Nigeria through customs can be personally if you have the time and energy. Alternatively, get a reliable clearing agent to clear the car within 2-3 days.

To clear the car you need to pay for the following;

Surface Import Duty (35% of the estimated car value)

A surcharge, VAT (Value Added Tax), Shipping and Terminal charges and other Miscellaneous charges.

Having followed the step by step procedure above, you should have saved huge amount of money and taken delivery of your dream car from U.S.A  and Canada to Nigeria, without leaving the comfort of your home stress-free.

Having taken delivery of your car, you can sell the car for a high profit margin, drive the car, gift the car or do just whatever you want with the car.

Information like this can sure get you started importing cars from U.S.A and Canada, but you need something more comprehensive that can make you become a PRO Car Importer and be better informed on more advanced tactics to further cut cost while importing your dream car from the U.S or Canada .

The deeper inner circle secrets of the big boys car dealers and importers…

Let me ask …….

Still Remember Shina Saseyi? The guy I earlier told you about in the introduction of this article, that started importing cars since 2011.

Yes! The same guy that imported a clean Ford Edge 2010 model from U.S.A to Nigeria for 2.7 million Naira, saving a whopping #800,000 (Eight Hundred Thousand Naira) in the process.

He also employed the same freaky tactics to import Lexus ES-350 2008 model for #2,950,000. As against the market value price of 3.5 million Naira.

And having imported over 150 car models since 2011 from U.S.A and Canada, seen it all, done it all and garnered enough experience in the area of car importation, has finally broken the silence and has a very sweet deal for you which is bound to take you from ground level to a PRO Car Importer.

Due to popular demand, he has documented the Insiders Secrets to importing cars on a shoestring budget at cheap dirt prices from the US and Canada, and in the process saving over 30% of the actual cost of the same car in Nigeria into a comprehensive blueprint guide which he called “The Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint”

Inside The Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint Guide you will be exposed to the following;

A-Z about buying fairly used cars from the US and getting it delivered to you here in Nigeria.

What you should look for when buying cars. E.g. The body of the car, the colour of the car, the price, the mileage etc – You will learn more in this report.

Every mistake that you must avoid when buying a car from America.

You Will Also Discover;

The main auction sites where you can get special car deals in America and how to register with them.

The ONLY 25 states where you should buy your car(s) from in America (if you buy outside of these 25 states, you are on your own).

The 3 types of cars that you can buy on these auction sites and which ones to avoid.

4 types of bidding that you can use to buy these cars.

How to safely make payments for the car you are buying using ATM card, wire transfer or a cashier cheque.

3 major methods you can use to safely ship the car you bought from America down to Nigeria within 5-6 weeks.

Contact details of the exact shipping company in America that he has been using to ship his cars since 2011.

How you can easily clear the cars you bought from the customs without having to leave the comfort of your house.

How to save at least 15% off the cost of your new car by changing the kind of shipping option you choose.

The single best way ever discovered to buy a car on this website… and… buy it fast!

The single best thing you must do when buying your car to avoid losing money!

A simple way to know if a car’s mileage has been tampered with (most cars with low mileages have been adjusted).

How to overcome the single most difficult aspect of buying a durable efficient car!

5 deadly mistakes most car buyers make when buying their cars and how to avoid them!

How to sell your current car fast and easily for enough money (if you want to do so).

But That Is NOT All…

You Will Also Get the Following Bonuses:

BONUS 1: 7 Car Buying Tutorials:

These 7 helpful videos walk you through:

How to search for any type of car you want

How to buy a car directly without bidding for it

How to buy cars through bidding

How to make payments

How to buy cars at auction by pre-bidding for it

How to ship your cars after buying

BONUS 2: How to Buy Extra Cheap Salvage Cars & Remodel them Into Clean Cars

While a clean car can cost N1.5m in total, a salvage car of the same make can arrive at N1.2m after remodeling, thereby helping you to save some extra money.

BONUS 3: 24/7 Personal Exceptional Support To You.

Whatever walk of life you are from, someone who wants to start car dealership, an employee on a budget trying to save some money and buy a car on a shoestring budget, a middleman that helps friends and family members save cost on car purchase, hoping to buy your dream car in the future….

This Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint is for you.

With this knowledge, you can even start a business where you charge people money to help them import their cars from America.
If you charge only N200,000 per car and you only do this for 5 people in a year, that will be an extra N1m for you.

What if you decide not to import your own car but rather buy from a car dealership, you also need this cut cost car importation blueprint as it would arm you with enough information on how to save yourself a huge amount in cost and rip off from car dealers. You will get to know beforehand what exactly you are buying, and the cost estimate.

The Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint will definitely save you cost because it is really worth its weight in gold.  


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