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Recharge and get paid e-wallet funding gets another option as the company partners Providus Bank to provide members additional method through which they can fund their e-wallet. The partnership with Providus Bank makes this possible through what is known as PayPoint.

Before now, recharge and get paid members can fund their ewallet through earnings and bonuses from recharge and get paid, direct fund transfer from another member, bank transfer to recharge and get paid company’s bank account. These methods, as mentioned earlier still exist though, and now another addition called PayPoint.

What is Recharge and Get Paid Paypoint?

It is a newly introduced e-wallet funding method through which members can easily fund their ewallet balance through transfer to a personalized designated account number. This method came through with a partnership with providus bank Nigeria Plc, and by this, every member is assigned an exclusive customized account with Providus bank. The providus bank account is directly linked to the member’s recharge and get paid e-wallet, and by this, any money that is transferred to the account gets straight to the member’s e-wallet.

How Does Recharge and Get Paid Paypoint Work?

When you log in to your back office as a member of recharge and get paid, you will find a link with the option FUND WALLET. When you click on it, it will take you to a page where you will see a customized Providus-recharge and get paid account details. There you will find the bank name as providus, the account name with the prefix RAGPay with your username, and the providus account number.

The details shown are what you will need to transfer funds to your e-wallet on recharge and get paid. The bank account shown is directly linked to your e-wallet and not to any physical bank out there, so whenever you transfer funds to it, it will be credited to your e-wallet balance and not to any Providus bank which could be withdrawn. All funds to that account are for your e-wallet funding.

How To Fund Recharge and Get Paid Ewallet With New Paypoint Option

recharge and get paid ewallet funding paypoint

Recharge and get paid e-wallet funding with the PayPoint option tends to be more comfortable as you can transfer funds through any bank account. Unlike the conventional bank transfer to Recharge and get paid company’s account method, which must either be the same bank transfer and phone number identification in the transaction description.

To fund recharge and get paid e-wallet through PayPoint, simply follow this process, log in to your recharge and get paid member dashboard (back office).

If you are on the phone, click on the three small horizontal lines on the far left-hand side of the screen to reveal the menu under it. Look for and click on FUND WALLET.

On PC, login and look on the left and side and you will see the FUND WALLET option.

Click on the FUND WALLET link to display your personalized Providus-RAGP account number.

There you have the details of the paypoint account details you need to transfer funds to have your recharge and get paid e-wallet funded.

Next, from your mobile banking app, USSD code, Internet banking platform, or cash payment (if you can find any Providus bank around, LOL), transfer the amount of money you want to fund your e-wallet account with.

When you enter the providus account number into your mobile banking app, the account name comes with RAGPay, followed by member’s recharge and get paid username. Make sure to crosscheck the details correctly that it belongs to the username you are transferring the fund to. 

Once the transfer goes successfully, you will have the fund reflect in the e-wallet balance instantly or near instantly (network delays factored in) give or take, 3-5minutes tops the fund will reflect in the e-wallet balance.

Does Funding Through Paypoint Attract Any Charge?

Of course yes, funding of recharge and get paid e-wallet through PayPoint comes with a charge of N70 (seventy Naira).

Does The Coming Of Paypoint Funding Option Nullify the Other Ewallet Funding Options?

The introduction of PayPoint as an e-wallet funding option does not nullify other methods of e-wallet funding. Instead, it comes as another faster and automated stress-free way to e-wallet funding. Just an addition to the already existing methods.

Why Should I Use Paypoint As Against Other Methods?

I prefer the member to member e-wallet fund transfer method. It attracts no charges but could be ineffective when you cannot find someone standing by to transfer funds to you, when you cannot find a trusted member to transfer funds to you, and also when the sender does not deliver as promised.

Bank transfers to the companys bank account, on the other hand, comes with its fair share of stress. It must be through specific bank to bank, zenith bank to zenith bank, UBA to UBA for it to be automatic, and requires the phone number on the member’s profile. It also comes with a charge of N70 (seventy Naira).

Meanwhile, PayPoint is semi-automated as funds are credited almost instantly.  It works like the bank transfer to Recharge and Get Paid company’s account. But slightly more convenient, because you do not need any other protocol like physically going to the bank to pay, using the phone number in your recharge and get paid profile for identification and narration. The Providus bank account number of your RAGPpaypoint is customized, can easily be retrieved through the member’s dashboard, and any fund transferred to it goes straight to the owner of the account.

Can I Transfer Funds To RAGP paypoint Account Multiple Times In A Day?

Sure, you can transfer funds through PayPoint multiple times in a day though it is advisable not to transfer the same denomination numerous times within 48hours. For example, if the first transfer for e-wallet funding for the day through RAGP PayPoint is N500, subsequent transfers should be any denomination below or above N500(N501, N510, N550, N1,000, etc.). The same goes for every other denomination. Simply put, no two transactions in the space of a 48hour period should be identical.

Can I Give The RAGPaypoint Providus Account number To Another Person To Send Funds To It?

Yes! The account works exactly like every other bank account. You can give it to a third party to transfer funds to it, and it will directly reflect in your e-wallet balance on recharge and get paid. All funds sent to it goes straight to your e-wallet balance.

I Already Have A Providus Account Will It work?

If you already have any Providus bank account like the one that comes with Piggyvest or the like, bear in mind that the account number is not the same with that of PayPoint; hence, it won’t work. The providus bank account number you have with recharge and get paid through PayPoint is made exclusively for e-wallet funding. Every and any money transferred to that Providus account number goes towards funding your e-wallet account on recharge and get paid. You can, however, transfer funds from your pre-existing Providus bank to your RAGPpay providus account if you have the means. But, you cannot transfer out funds from RAGPpay providus account to any other bank account even to any providus bank account.

How Long Does It Take For Funds Transferred To Reflect In E-wallet Balance?

Transfer of funds through RAGP-PayPoint for e-wallet funding takes between 3minutes to 5minutes before it reflects in the member’s e-wallet balance. However, network issues and other unforeseen circumstances may likely delay the transactions. In a situation where a transaction does not go through after 24hours maximum wait period, you need to contact recharge and get paid customer care through any of this medium;


Phone numbers: 08037221858, 08116898208, 08182098378 within the working hours of 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

There you have it, how to fund recharge and get paid e-wallet with PayPoint. The platform now shifts to you. Do you have any questions or want to share your experience so far using the RAGP PayPoint e-wallet funding option the platform is open for you? Use the comment box below.

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