Recharge and Get Paid: Benefits and Reward System

Recharge and Get Paid is a very beneficial program with a very robust reward system. Perhaps, you might have come across recharge and get paid, but yet to come to terms with what you stand to benefit when you join recharge and get paid and also the numerous rewards. Rest assured as this post will show you everything you need to know about the benefits and reward system for every member of recharge and get paid.


Recharge and get paid, RAGP for short, is a registered business entity under the company Recharge and Get Paid Limited(RAGPL). Licensed on the 11th of August 2015 to carry out telecommunications related services. The company is duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commissions Nigeria(CAC)with Reg No:1279919.

Recharge and get paid basically operates on two main business fronts;

Licensing members as sub-dealers/distributors of telecommunications products like airtime vending, data bundle subscription, cable TV subscription and other bill payment services.

Multi-level Marketing(Referral system)where members are rewarded for promoting the recharge and get paid business model.


Whichever way or angle you look at recharge and get paid business model from, there are lots of benefits that could be derived from it.

First off as a recharge and get paid member, one gets licensed to become a telecommunications product vendor. That is, members already have a business of their own. Recharge and get paid gives members the business opportunity of selling airtime, data bundle plans, cable TV (DSTV,GOTV, Star times)subscriptions, and other bill payments.

Members instantly get paid 2% bonus of every recharge amount generated through recharge and get paid, either used by the member or sold to another person.

10% bonus on the price of every data bundle amount subscribed to through Recharge and get paid platform.

#40 instant payment whenever a member pays for cable TV subscription through recharge and get paid for anyone.

Recharge and get paid makes use of an airtime recharge system known as virtual top up(e-topup). Virtual/electronic top-up is an electronic automated system of airtime recharge which credits airtime without the need for physical recharge PIN. The same system that plays out when one transfers money from one bank account to another, is the same system that plays out when one uses virtual top-up to recharge airtime.

Though you can use your bank account balance to effect a virtual top up, banks charge for SMS alert on every transaction which sums up to a huge amount of money. Recharge and get paid on the other way around hand pays you a 10% bonus instead on every airtime recharge you make.

The better thing here is that you can start selling airtime, data bundle subscriptions and even cable TV subscriptions with recharge and get paid. That gives you a business,which you can start from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are, without the need for office space, physical paper recharge card printing, hawking of recharge cards and every other logistics involved in setting up a business. The recharge and get paid business model can as well serve as side hustle which you can use to support your already paying business or job.

Recharge and get paid has a very low entry barrier. With as low as #5,000 (five thousand Naira)you can become a member of recharge and get paid without breaking the banks. Now let me ask you,which business can you start with as low as #5,000 in the present economy of the country?

With the low start-up money, one becomes a partner with recharge and get paid and have access to everything needed to effectively run a telecommunications related business.

It is online based and can be managed from anywhere in the world, withany internet enabled mobile device including that very android mobile phone in your hand.

It also gives one the freedom to work at his own dictates, time and when to,without anyone monitoring or anyone bossing you around or answerable to any boss.

Payments on recharge and get paid are made instantly without wait.

Finally, recharge and get paid has a very robust reward system which rewards members the following benefits; 20% referral bonus, #100,000 (one hundred thousand naira) monthly leadership bonus,vacation trip to Dubai,car and houses. These benefits are rewarded to members that promote the Multi level Marketing(Referral system)segment of the recharge and get paid business model,referring family members, friends and colleagues to the program.


Every activity performed on recharge and get paid comes with a reward.

When you top up airtime using recharge and get paid,you instantly get paid 2% bonus of the recharge amount.

You instantly get paid;

10% of every data bundle plan.

#40 for every cable TV subscription.

You are also given the opportunity to spread the news around,invite others to the program and as you do, you get the following rewards;

20% instant cash referral bonus. You get 20% bonus fee on any membership plan your referral pays for.

#100,000 (one hundred thousand naira) leadership bonus.

All expense paid trip to Dubai or #500,000(Five hundred thousand Naira) cash equivalent reward.

A car or #2,000,000(Two million Naira) cash equivalent reward.

A small house or #3,000,000(Three million Naira) cash equivalent reward.

A big house or #4,000,000(Four million Naira) cash equivalent reward.

A bigger house or #6,000,000(Six million Naira) cash equivalent reward.

You may decide to stick with only the telecommunications side of the business where you sell airtime, data bundle and cable TV subscription or combine it with the network marketing aspect of the program. None affects the other, but a combination of both allows you leverage to the maximum the huge rewards and benefits available on recharge and get paid. Besides,the network marketing aspect of the program gives you the chance to get the monthly cash bonus, Dubai trip, car and houses.


Under the network marketing aspect of the business where you refer people to the program, there is the point value system. Point Value is a measure of members progress in the program. The point value builds up towards the various reward packages. Each reward package has a proportional point value assigned to it as follows;

#100,000 (one hundred thousand naira) Monthly leadership bonus: 10,000 point value

All expense paid Dubai vacation trip: 25,000 PV

Car: 60,000 PV

Small house: 100,000 PV

Big House: 250,000 PV

Bigger House: 500,000 PV

You must accumulate the total number of point value to get any of the rewards.


The point value starts building up immediately a member joins the program. Each membership package comes with a certain point value. A member gets the point value of any membership package he goes for.

Point value can also be gotten whenever you refer a member to the program. You get the point value attached to the membership package your referral goes for.


Basic Package: 20PV

Bronze package: 40 PV

Silver Package: 80 PV

Gold Package: 120 PV

Platinum Package: 160 PV

Diamond Package: 200 PV

Executive Package: 400 PV

Anyone you refer to the program who joins any of the packages adds the allotted point value to you. The point value builds up from your own membership package to the different membership packages your referrals buy in the process. You get any of the recharge and get paid rewards when your accumulated point value gets to the required amount of point value required for any reward. The point value does not go off when you get any reward but continues to build up towards another reward package.


Recharge and get paid has 7 membership packages, they are;

Basic package #5,000 (Five thousand Naira)

Bronze package #10,000 (Ten thousand Naira)

Silver package #20,000 (Twenty thousand Naira)

Gold package #30,000 (Thirty thousand Naira)

Platinum Package #40,000 (Forty thousand Naira)

Diamond Package #50,000 (Fifty thousand Naira)

Executive package #100,000 (One hundred thousand Naira)

You can start with the basic membership package and later upgrade to a higher package. To upgrade to a higher package, all you need to do is pay the difference between your current package and the package you want to upgrade to. For example, if you want to upgrade from Basic package to silver package, what you need to do is pay the difference in price #20,000 – #5,000 which is #15,000.

You must be a diamond or executive member before you can receive any of the rewards, monthly leadership bonus,vacation trip to Dubai, car and houses. However, members on every other packages can buy/sell airtime, data bundle subscription and cable TV subscription.


Before you get the benefits and rewards on recharge and get paid you must become and member.

How to Join Recharge and Get Paid: Anyone from every walk of life can join recharge and get paid,and reap all the benefits and rewards available as the program is very much open to everyone.

To join recharge and get paid you must have a sponsor,that is, someone that introduced recharge and get paid to you. And you need your sponsor’s referral ID to complete your registration process on recharge and get paid.

In this instance, I am your sponsor and you need my referral ID to register on recharge and get paid. My referral ID is xzynwa

To join recharge and get paid Click HERE 

On the space for Referral ID, enter xzynwa

join and register recharge and get paid

Input every other details correctly Names, Email, Phone number, Username(nickname), and Password.

Click NEXT.

Now Login with your username and password to continue,

On next page choose a membership package,

Choose pay via paystack,

On next page choose your bank name,

Select account type either current or savings or corporate

Enter account number and account name

Next click on pay via Paystack to complete your registration and make payment with your bank debit ATM card for the membership package chosen.

Alternatively,you can have your sponsor complete the membership registration for you with his e-wallet balance.

Contact me on 08144548946 if you find any of the registration process confusing or want me to do the registration for you.

What Next To DO

Having seen the benefits and rewards available to recharge and get paid members,would you not rather join recharge and get paid so as to avail yourself the opportunity of reaping such benefits and rewards.

This is an opportunity you should never miss for any reason whatsoever, as you can start with that little amount of money you have right now and begin your journey to becoming the next recharge and get paid millionaire with Dubai vacation trip, car and houses rewarded to you.

Make that decision today and you would be very glad you did.

Ready to join today? Give me a call or send me a WhatsApp message on 08144548946.

For every other thing you need to know about recharge and get paid. Go to Recharge and get paid how it works.

Use the comment box below to ask questions or any feedback you have on recharge and get paid.

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