10 Hot Ecommerce Products To Sell This Christmas Season For Massive Profits

You will quite agree with me that the success of every business is largely based on how fast they turn out profits selling their products or services. The same could be said of the e-commerce business(buying and selling products using the internet).

The mistake most business people make that kills their business before it starts is, firstly creating a supposed “unique product” before finding buyers of the said product. When you create a product, no matter how nice and beautiful it is and you struggle to sell it, you are steadily but surely heading for the rocks. Your business will add to the already growing statistics of businesses that do not make it beyond five years, that is if ever gets to that period.

The goal of every business venture is to make profits, without it the business fails. Goods, products, and services which are being sold must be profitable enough to get the wheel of the business rolling.

It makes business sense to capitalize on an already established market or season and create a product tailored towards profiting from what is already selling. In e-commerce, your success is based on how smart you are to capitalize on hot selling products, import them, and sell the living daylight out of it and smile to the banks.

It has been established that people base their buying decisions on emotion; they do not buy what they actually need but what they want.

That time of the year when people’s buying decision is largely clouded by emotions is this very season, the Christmas and New year season. I need not convince you that people spend money during this period as you can see it yourself. As a matter of fact, you have even prepared to spend some money this season.

People are wired unconsciously to spend money this yuletide season. Think about black Friday and Cyber Monday, spending goes through the roof on these two days alone as they herald the spending for the season.

The irony of it all is that people who do not have money all through the year suddenly have enough to spend during the Christmas period. They save money mainly to be spent during this Christmas period.

Forget about the rationale, reason, and psychology behind the spending, but rather how to benefit from the huge amount of money to be spent this period of the year.

Money is spent on items like hampers, dresses, shoes, gift items, decorations, etc. Ask yourself, do they really need all these? Maybe they do, but majorly they buy just because others buy, and want to feel among and not look like the odd ones out there.

I do not want to sound like what they do is wrong or do not want them to enjoy their Christmas season. No! Far from it, the goal of this post is to have you position yourself in a vantage point where you profit largely from the huge amount of money to be spent this period of the year by giving them a reason to spend their money. How? By providing the products they buy.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time, you need to position and structure your e-commerce business this season to sell products that are hot and bound to sell this period, so you can smile to the banks when the whole yuletide spending episode and the craze are over.

The best business move you need to make is import some hot in demand ecom products into the country and market them to people who have money to spend. When you do so, you will not just profit but be head above heels over your competitors in the e-commerce sphere.

Import products that are already certified bestsellers this very season and sell for maximum profits. That way you need not invent the wheels but ride the wave of the already established market with certified bestselling products to huge profits this season.

What E-commerce Products Sell?

There are basically two classes of ecom products;

Evergreen products and

seasonal products

Evergreen products are those products that are available for sale all year round. Products like health and beauty, security gadgets, mobile devices, kitchen gadgets, electronics, fashion products, etc.

Seasonal products are products that are available within a particular period or season of the year.

Every year there are usually different seasons and different products that cater to each of them.

Some of the seasons are;

Back to school; during this period products like books, school uniforms, bags, shoes, lunch boxes, etc sell the best.

Winter; winter jackets, boots, etc

Christmas and new year; gift items, decorative items, dresses, food items, and drinks, etc.

For you to be successful in e-commerce you need to sell both evergreen and seasonal products.

The good thing about selling seasonal products is that people buy them with a higher degree of emotion and do not think twice before they do. That spells too many profits for the seller.

The general scope of products covered in this report would largely be ecom products, that is, products you import into the country at very dirt-cheap prices and sell them for as high as 10X the actual cost.

How Can You Get Hot Christmas Ecommerce Products To Sell

You do not need to bother yourself about products to sell for maximum profits this Christmas season. You also do not need to manufacture any product to sell.

The products you need to sell this season and make huge profits are largely hot in demand, profitable eCommerce products that you import into the country from China.

You can import the products from either Alibaba,aliexpress, 1688, taobao, dhgate, etc

Why Import Ecommerce Products From China

Importing eCommerce products from China is the easiest way to have something to sell this Christmas and new year period.

When you import products from China, your products tend to be unique and not just the regular commodities every Dick, Tom, and Harry sell during Christmas on the roadside and in traffic.

You do not need a huge capital to start.

You can import the products from the comfort of your home or office, and the best of it all, sell the products using the internet without even seeing any of the buyers.

Hot Profitable Ecommerce Products to Import This Christmas Season

The regular products you get to see during the Christmas season are products like Christmas caps, hampers, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Children’s toys, etc.

You should not bother yourself with them because when you import such products, you begin to compete with everyone selling the same products. When the competition becomes stiff, everyone starts cutting prices to make sure they sell and when it happens, the products won’t be profitable again and chances of over-saturation and possibly low sales. The resultant effect is having the products packed, shelved and left to gather dust without being sold, staring at you all the time, standing tall like a trophy, a medal for making a bad business decision.

One of such unique hot selling ecom product to import and sell this Christmas season is shown in the image below.

Have you seen this product around being sold on the road? Guess you have not.

It costs $0.80 on aliexpres.com and when you look closely on the part of the image highlighted with blue, you will discover that it has sold close to 1400units as of the time the image was taken. That is one of the pointers that the product is really selling very fast. It also has a positive review.

You can sell the product very fast and at whatever amount you deem necessary because, it would be very hard for your people to find it around as the product is not a general everyday product that could easily be seen around.

Another of such hot selling eCommerce product you can import and sell this Christmas season is this christmas projector light.

Check the price of this product on Jumia and see for yourself the amount other sellers are selling it.

Do not worry about the names of the products that their images are showing above as you can use the various product images to search for them on the 1688 website.

You will get access to the other 10 hot and bestselling eCommerce products you can import this Christmas season and sell for huge profits.

Many people are reading this post and it won’t be fair to give out the list of products here to avoid everyone importing the same products, unhealthy competition, price crashing, and over-saturation.

To get access to a list of the 10 unique hot in-demand products you can import at dirt-cheap prices and sell for huge profits, as huge as 10x profits, read till the end to find out how to get the products.

How To Easily sell These Ecommerce Products

It is one thing to import products from China and yet another different thing to sell them at a very high-profit margin.

Importing hot in demand ecom products from either Alibaba, aliexpress, Taobao, 1688 and dhgate is darn easy as anyone with an internet-enabled device, in even the remotest of villages, could do such from the comfort of their home or office without even leaving the country.

The real business is selling these e-commerce products.

In business, nothing happens until a sale is made.

Nothing kills a business faster than lack or no sales.

You do not just import these products to sell this yuletide season, but need to create a profitable sales funnel to sell the living hell out of these products and turn in insane profits this season.

You need to make use of the most effective marketing medium of the 21st century, which is the internet, to sell these e-com products.

No need begging people to buy your products or hawk them around when you can deploy the greatest tool in your possession, the internet, and have people begging to literally buy from you.

How To Sell Ecommerce Products using The Internet

Selling on the internet is quite a vast topic on its own. People assume it is easy, when they try, they find out it is not really as easy as they thought, then they resort to telling that selling on the internet does not work.

To sell eCommerce products on the internet you need to deploy social media, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

But before you jump on them and splash your products on them like a roadside hawker, wait!!! there is a method that works effectively.

Every one of your friends on facebook, twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram do not come online to buy. Secondly, for the sole reason that they are your friends does not mean they will like what you like and buy what you recommend.

In some instances when you persuade them much, out of pity and not to hurt the relationship, they may end up buying from you on credit. Which business survives like that? Mind you, the sites you imported from did not sell to you on credit.

Some even ask you 99 questions about the product and why they should buy it.

Depending on the number of friends you have, you may likely sell a few units of your e-commerce products using this “internet hawking style market”. But, that is not how to make a killing selling your imported products on the internet using social media.

How Do You Sell Ecommerce Products Using Social Media?

Selling On Facebook;

Create a Facebook page for your products

Post an image of your e-commerce product on your facebook page.

Write a description of the product, the price, how to contact you.

Choose the audience of people likely to be interested in the product and ready to buy.

Use the boost post option to advertise the product.

You would be required to pay Facebook to boost the post.

Boosting the post on Facebook guarantees maximum exposure to the product.

You may also select the Instagram option as well and your products would be displayed on both sites (Facebook and Instagram).

Alternatively, create a standalone facebook advert through facebook business manager page

Social Media Influencers: There are people on social media that have large follower-ship. You can pay them to help you promote your products to their audience.

Mind you, this is business and you need to spend money to promote your products so you can sell them. As big as Glo and MTN are they still do adverts. Even beers, as high in demand as they are, the various manufacturing companies still advertise them.

They said “ garri sells even without advert” but my dear, you are not selling garri so you must advertise your products.

Selling Ecommerce Products Using Sales Funnel: Sales funnel is the most effective way to market any kind of product or service on the internet.

Sales funnel is structured in such a way it sucks in potential customers, and exposes them to other hot products you have on offer in your arsenal.

Sales funnel is the difference between every failed, broke e-commerce business person out there and WILDLY SUCCESSFUL Ecommerce business person.

How The Sales funnel works; You use an advert (Facebook advert) to attract customers to your e-commerce website.

You collect their contact information(phone number and/or email address).

They may buy at that first contact with your product, when they do, you subsequently market other products of yours to them without paying for adverts again.

When they fail to buy your product on the first contact, they leave a trace of their visit on your website which has a facebook pixel. Through that Facebook pixel, you can re-target them again through another advert and show them the same product or other similar or different products. This time you may do a price slash sought of or a product bundle option.

The good thing about this method is that you can even use the information gleaned from the trace of their visit to your website, through facebook pixels, to target the friends of those that showed interest in your product.

This piece won’t allow me to go into details about marketing eCommerce products using social media and sales funnel.

But all hope is not lost as you have a favorable opportunity to turn your e-commerce business on beast mode and turn in insane profits like your business is on steroids.

There is a superb and wonderful program by Johnathan Melody which he called 10X ecommerce Blueprint.

The 10X eCommerce Blueprint program by Johnathan Melody literally takes you by the hand and shows you how to multiply your e-commerce business by 10X.

Not just that only, it offers you;

Clearly cut out researched, fail-proof, 10 Hot Ecommerce products you can import for dirt cheap prices and sell for maximum profits this Christmas season. These 10 hot ecommerce products for this Christmas are closely guarded and secured from everyone out there to avoid over saturation.

Also Included in the 10X eCommerce Blueprint are;

Fully built sales funnel with the right Facebook targeting options of people ready and eager to buy the products.

Plus promotional videos to the 10 hot Christmas products.

This program is the general success blueprint for eCommerce and not just for this Christmas season. When the Christmas season is over you can also use this Ecommerce blueprint to build your business around evergreen ecom products, hence you also get;

  • 20 Evergreen hot selling ecom products.
  • Contacts of his personal China agents and logistics companies you can pay in Naira.
  • 10 more sites to source your products even for 10X cheaper.
  • A step by step guide to developing an eagle eye for finding hot selling products.
  • How to spy on your competitors on Facebook, outshine, outsmart and possibly run them out of business.
  • How to create Facebook and Instagram ads like a PRO.
  • How to set up your 10X sales funnel.
  • Access to an easy to use website builder, and step by step videos showing you how to use it and pre-designed pages you can easily upload and edit.
  • How to create promotional videos for your products.
  • How to eliminate agents and buy directly from manufacturers.
  • Learn the power of marketing on the most popular social media platform.
  • How to easily design images to advertise your products.
  • How to design your own e-commerce store.
  • Access to the same sales funnels that guaranteed him over 6million naira within 3 months.
  • Learn how to sell to other African countries and have your money deposited into your Nigerian bank account.
  • Special Instagram course that shows you how to go from zero to 600k Instagram followers in 3 months.
  • And many more…

This offer is basically for this Christmas period as a Christmas gift to make sure you join the league of wildly successful ecom business people.

Get into the program immediately because, if you delay, you lose out on all the goodies listed above.

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