Become Gotv DSTV Startimes Agent

Have you always wanted to become an independent cable TV (GOTV, DSTV, StarTimes)agent, where you can run your business from the comfort of your home, office, with your internet-enabled phone without the long hassles and paper works?

If you answered yes to the question above then you are in the right place as within seconds you would discover how to become a GOTV, DSTV and StarTimes agent, helping customers subscribe monthly to Cable TV packages. Best of it all, you do that from your internet-enabled phone, from the comfort of your home, office, car and anywhere you find convenient, without long protocols and bureaucracies.

Terrestrial TV stations in the country are performing below par and look like it is outdated and going into extinction. Everyone seems to depend largely on cable TV for maximum entertainment, sports, news, and general television viewing experience. The cable TV companies have even made it very much easier and pretty much affordable for everyone no matter the income class. Hardly any family in the country do not have a cable TV, either Startimes, GoTv or DSTV.

Cable TV subscription is done monthly as families try to keep up to their favorite programs and channels. Talk about the Zeeworld, Telemundo, Channels Tv, AIT, WAP TV, Supersports, Bein Sports, Africa Magic, just name them. They all come with a fee.

Billions of Naira is spent monthly by customers who subscribe to these cable TVs. The cable TV providers are not leaving anything to chance as they are looking for partners to help them make more money and in doing so make money for themselves also. Banks also engage as agents for cable TV companies so you know.

You too can become an agent for these cable TV(GOTV, DSTV, and Startimes)companies. Help them provide monthly subscriptions to their various customers and in return make money for yourself in the process.

To become an agent for any of the major cable TV companies in the country you must be a very established business entity. GOTV and DSTV are owned and managed by multichoice limited. Startimes is a subsidiary of NTA(Nigerian Television Authority). As you can see, these cable TVs are owned and managed by mega-corporations. You need to be a big business entity to become a direct agent of these companies as their agency fees run into millions of naira, and also the long bureaucracies paper works and protocols involved in becoming one.

That should not deter you in any way becoming a cable Tv agent as there is a way to go about it “the little guy way” and yet make a reasonable amount of money for yourself.

How To Become a GoTV, DSTV and Startimes Agent

There is a company known as Recharge and Get Paid Limited which you can partner with as a sub-dealer. The company gives you the opportunity of becoming an independent cable TV agent.

Recharge and get paid limited is a company duly registered in Nigeria and licensed by NCC(Nigeria communications commission) to undertake telecommunication operations.

Recharge and get paid limited started operations in 2015, and since then have been empowering individuals, giving them the opportunity and partnering with them, in becoming agents to bigger corporations which hitherto was near impossible for the little guys.

Recharge and get paid, RAGP for short is a registered business entity under the company Recharge and Get Paid Limited(RAGPL). Licensed in the month of August 2015 to carry out telecommunications related services. The company is duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commissions Nigeria (CAC) with Reg No: 1279919.

To join recharge and get paid and as well leverage on their license to become a cable TV agent, you need to register through any of their membership packages.

Recharge and Get paid Membership Packages

Recharge and get paid has 7 membership packages, they are;

Basic package #5,000(Five thousand Naira)

Bronze package #10,000(Ten thousand Naira)

Silver package #20,000(Twenty thousand Naira)

Gold package #30,000(Thirty thousand Naira)

Diamond package #40,000(Forty thousand Naira)

Platinum package #50,000(Fifty thousand Naira)

Platinum executive package #100,000(One hundred thousand Naira)

The basic membership package of recharge and get paid which goes for N5,000(five thousand naira)is enough for you to get started. This membership package comes with everything you need to become a cable TV agent.

You can upgrade to other membership packages if you want to enjoy the other benefits and rewards recharge and get paid has to offer. But, you can get started right away as a GOTV, DSTV and Startimes agent immediately you register with the basic membership package.

To get started and register on recharge and get paid, go to this link and signup

Watch this video presentation or simply contact me on Whatsapp so I can guide you.

How Much Do You Make As a GoTv, DSTV and Startime Agent?

As a cable TV agent under the partnership of recharge and get paid you make #40 (forty naira) per monthly subscription that you sell.

Yes! For each monthly cable TV subscription, you make through your recharge and get paid account you get a commission of N40.

The commission may seem little, but when you get serious and get a large client base then you can make a reasonable amount of money.

40 x 100 subscriptions = N4,000

40 x 500 subscriptions = N20,000

40 x 1000 subscriptions = N40,000

Being a cable TV agent might not get you rich but it would for sure add another stream to your income. Mind you, this is a recurring monthly income stream as your customers will always return to renew their cable Tv subscription when it expires.

You can also use the recharge and get paid platform to subscribe for your very own personal cable TV subscription. Using your bank account or other mobile apps to subscribe to cable Tv may seem cool to you but, you get no commission for doing so rather you get to even pay extra in SMS charges and so on.

How To Subscribe Cable TV Using Recharge and get Paid

Immediately you register as a member on recharge and get paid, there is no other paperwork or logistics left to start subscribing cable TV for customers.

To subscribe to cable TV (GOTV, DSTV, and Startimes) for a customer using recharge and get paid;

Login to your recharge and get paid membership dashboard.


Click on What do You Want to Do to pull down the Sub Menu option.


On select Action choose the cable TV company you want to susbcribe to.

Enter the Smart Card Number(IUC number) and the customers phone number.

Click on BUY.

You should have enough money in your recharge and get paid membership account before you can make a successful subscription.

The commission you get as a recharge and get paid agent is paid to your recharge and get paid account instantly. You can accumulate it and use it to do cable TV subscriptions, register for other customers or withdraw it to your bank account.

Funding Your Recharge and Get Paid Account

Sufficient fund must be in your recharge and get paid account before you can successfully complete a cable TV subscription.

To fund your recharge and get paid account go to

Transfer the amount to any of the banks and follow the process to notify the company and your recharge and get paid wallet would be funded.

Becoming a cable TV agent does not get easier than this. Recharge and get paid provides you a seamless approach to partnering with cable TV companies, without the hassles, logistics, and bottlenecks involved in becoming a cable TV agent. No need for physical shop, office and every other stress attached to the daily business endeavor.

Everything about recharge and get paid could be managed through your internet-enabled mobile phone, from the comfort of your home, office, school or anywhere you find convenient.

You can also use the recharge and get paid platform to sell airtime, data bundle plans, electricity bills payment, etc.

Your clients could easily be made up of your neighbors, church members, course mates, office colleagues, social media friends(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), etc.

Other Benefits Of Recharge and Get Paid

Recharge and get paid offers you the opportunity of being an independent business owner and an avenue to get rich beyond your wildest imagination.

How, you may ask?

Recharge and get paid also gives you the platform to sell airtime and internet data bundle.

Not only that, there is also an opportunity to spread the news around, invite others to the program and as you do, you get the following rewards;

20% instant cash referral bonus. You get 20% bonus fee for anybody who you refer to recharge and get paid who also registers as a member.

#100,000 (one hundred thousand naira) leadership bonus.

All expense paid trip to Dubai or #500,000(Five hundred thousand Naira) cash equivalent reward.

A car or #2,000,000(Two million Naira) cash equivalent reward.

A small house or #3,000,000(Three million Naira) cash equivalent reward.

A big house or #4,000,000(Four million Naira) cash equivalent reward.

A bigger house or #6,000,000(Six million Naira) cash equivalent reward.

Get every information you need about recharge and get paid and their robust reward system Here.

Becoming a cable TV agent is just one side of recharge and get paid while there are other avenues to make money through recharge and get paid. The ball lies in your court to play, rock it to the fullest and reap the maximum benefits or not to indulge and stick only to cable TV subscriptions.


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